Why Do Adults Play Video Games

Posted on January 14, 2011
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Video games are a booming business. With the recent xbox 360 kinect release date, and the excitement that is being created by motion gaming it is hard for any one to deny the popularity of the gaming industry and the fact that it is not only the kids who are the driving force behind it as many adults are also playing games, but what are the reasons that adults have turned on their televisions and started playing.
The games are entertaining. The gaming platforms allow a person to do an activity that makes them smile as they play. Video games uses to swallow quarters at an alarming rate many years ago. The accessibility of games has increased as the cost has decreased. Reasons for playing are still basically the same as they were back in the arcade days. They provide a person with a temporary distraction.
People like the stories that come with the games. Most modern games have a plot of some sort. Not all of the plots are created equally. Because there is a beginning, a middle, and an end, the gamers return to the game. The story is the entertainment. Although there are those who want to have a good story, there are others that do not care about that.
There is a ability to escape to different worlds. For some people the ability to escape to fantasy worlds is a tremendous draw. Things that a person could never do turn into a reality through gaming. It allows a person to do what things that are only possible in their own fantasies.
The games involve role playing. Not everyone will win the Super Bowl. Gamers are able to win the Super Bowl or get a gold medal when they are playing. This can be accomplished without ever leaving your own home. A person can win the gold medal every day if they want to.
Game systems are now interactive. The Nintendo Wii, the Playstation Move, and the xbox 360 kinect have bought gaming to a new level because of the movement that is required as well as the ability to interact with others online and to play games with people who are not in the same room as you let alone even in the same country. Gaming is not something that a person does alone.
The need to continually progress in the games is a driving force. Records are remembered and people are able to pick up games where they stopped before with the gaming systems. This brings a person back to a game because they do not have to start over. It can be a source of pride for a gamer if they have gotten to an exceptionally high level. Some of these games are highly addictive.
There are many games that pit a person with an opponent. People like to compete. Seeing how you stack up against the competition is something that is fun for just about every one. Gamers are able to challenge themselves to improve upon the last time they played. Multiple players are also allowed on many games. A person has the choice to challenge some one else or to seek their help in a game. These games allow two or more people to work together to beat the computer.
There is no one thing that makes someone decide to play some games. In the end, it does not matter what causes a person to play games. Unless they overtake a person completely, it is okay to have fun. It does not matter if you are young or old.

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