When Should You Have A Distance Healing?

Posted on July 22, 2010
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Why do people choose distance healing? The reasons are varied. Let’s face it, many people are thrill seekers and do it just for a new kick, distance healing, or a distance attunement becomes a form of entrainment. Not something I would suggest.

But there are those people who want to be helped, but can not travel because of health problems. It is great for pets that can’t stay calm too. A distance healing session is perfect in these cases. You can learn more about wellness and distance healing now: distance healing

For a lot of people, including myself, they are unhappy with conventional healing methods. It can be a case of modern medicine that does not help them like it should, or has actually hurt them! Thus, they are looking for alternatives.

Now distance healing is not supposed to replace an normal doctor, all I am saying is to solve your health problems ultimately you want a synthesis of methods and medicines.

Just think a outside the box. Think: holistic.

This is nothing new. In China they use ultra modern medicine combined with herbs, teas, meditation, chi, acupuncture, the best of both worlds, and they have been doing this for years.

The western world could learn lots from the Chinese. People recover in China like crazy!

Can distance healing be part of this holistic approach to wellness? You bet it can!

Once, this is example of the dangers in our system, I was given by my doctor a painkilling kind of drug when I was ill. So I take the drug, and I had an allergic reaction, and almost died.

The pain was so great I just took it without thinking about it, even though the drug was not meant to heal me, I trusted the doctor and it went wrong.

Bad moments like this helped to inspire me to search for alternatives. So a chiropractor told me that all I needed to do the healing, to take care of the cause not just the symptoms, was eat cherries.

So I listened, not just to the chiropractor, but to my intuition, and shortly after eating cherries I was healed!

On a holistic level the doctor who gave me the painkiller did not see a cure. This was a typical case of treating the symptoms not the cause.

Distance healing takes care of everything including your soul. It is automatically holistic. In the greater scheme of things, distance healing can be very beneficial. I highly recommend the experience.

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