What Your Hair Tell About Your Personality

Posted on September 4, 2010
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When we talk about judging someone’s body language, then it’s not just gestures, facial expressions, eye contact but even hairstyles. Hairstyles can actually show the personality traits of all men and women. This is the reason why the organizers of Dallas corporate events or the Dallas team building events focus on this aspect as well. They believe that hairstyles can be an easy form of nonverbal communication.

Besides, hair is certainly an indicator of someone’s appearance and lifestyle. Do you have any idea what your hair reveals about you? Well in case of ladies, there are so many styles that appear nice on every individual so a new stylistic change can’t reveal much about the personality. However, the extremes of length, color and style can be good telling aspects of a woman’s hair. Here you will find a concise discussion on such aspects.

Short Hair

If you maintain small hair that is carefully cut and styled, then it shows an artistic personality. A well maintained hairstyle is an indicator of the person’s money well being. A woman who wishes to have short hair maintains frequent checks on the length points that she actually cares about her appearance. Such individuals are usually ready to spend quite a lot of income on their looks.

Long Hair

It appears that women above 40 who possess long hair have not accepted their age and still think like a teen from inside. Such individuals are quite unrealistic about their outlook on life. The thinking, however, can differ. According to some, long hair shows the freedom from conventional norms.

Gray Hair

There are a few people who let their hair turn gray with time or dye it gray or white. They are much easy with their age and like to show it off if a lady decides to have gray hair then it shows the personality traits. Otherwise, if they are allergic to dye and let their hair turn gray, then in that situation the hairstyle doesn’t show the personality feature.

Purple Hair

You will find only a few people around who like to test and do strange things with their hair, sometimes, the test turns out to be really wonderful while at times they appear disastrous. In any case, it confirms the artistic and nonconformist nature of these individuals, you will find that people who experiment with dramatic hairstyles are usually young and daring.

Red Hair

Redheads are generally thought as feisty and opinionated people. You will find the word hot attached with red and thus the wearer is hot-headed or tetchy. On the flipside, these women can also be seen as homely with spotted faces. It’s not necessary that every red-haired person you come across is drop dead gorgeous.

There are several other hairstyles that speak a lot about the personality, but these are mainly thoughts. The fact can be often completely different than what was perceived. However, it won’t be wrong to phrase that hairstyle is a marker of your personality traits but the traits can differ from individual to individual.

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