What Women Look For Inside The Guys They Date

Posted on August 29, 2010
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You may think that being the nice guy type when dating women is a perfect way to win her. Well, most men will tell you that is not the case. The guy with the little black book, who may or may not ring you, who acts as if life won’t really turn for the worse whether you accept or refuse a date with him, seems to be the one with all the women.

No, women are not attracted to some form of barbarity. They never want a man to mistreat them. Confident guys possess a reliable backbone, that’s why most women are mesmerized with them. This is the type of guy who defends his principles and beliefs, without being abusive. They seem to have a mind of their own and won’t normally concede to a woman’s moanings and begging. A ‘nice guy’ on the contrary, will normally fold under pressure and accede to anything his woman begs of him. While women enjoy this as they conquer every item they fancy, they will think they have prevailed over a guy and lose a bit of respect for him.

What does this mean for men? Simply that you just have to find a little more confidence, but not too much that you end up being a brute. Be very nice to every woman you meet, show some attention to someone you like, but don’t let her think everything in your life has changed because of her presence. You can always feel your way into a relationship and give her some attention when you think it’s needed.

Also be confident, even if you are anxious. The most confident men I know also happen to be great in bed – and thats the truth. My ex lover applied instant performer to make sure he was on top form, which he learned about following reading a instant performer review in the mass media.

Don’t bend to a woman’s every whim. If you do, she’ll demand that from you every time and will soon take you for granted. Let her complain or whine occasionally and be ready to hear her out. It doesn’t also mean you have to be harsh and never ever give in. Not at all! Bend when there’s reason to, but not all the time. This way when you give in, she will feel like you’ve done so because you really love her and want her to be happy. Never give in just because you’re not in the mood to argue. Compromise, on the other hand, is the better option.

Don’t ever doubt that she will think you don’t love her because you won’t give in. There are a lot more effective methods to show your love. A good way to show your love for her is by doing things she doesn’t ask for. Cook a meal for her or give her a compliment out of the blue instead of when it is being solicited. Don’t be a lapdog when it comes to love and relationships. Do the unexpected rather than what people expect from you. You are being true to yourself and to the other person instead of being predictable. Don’t every be pretentious. Just be true to yourself and be confident with the type of person you are.

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