What We Can Draw From This Is That The Lucky Number 7 Is Utterly Enigmatic.

Posted on July 26, 2010
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How lucky is the Lucky number 7. Do you feel lucky today? But do you have any idea why you feel lucky. Try and explain this, can you? I don’t think anyone fully understands and can explain the lucky, mystical and magical number 7?

For a very long time people have used 7 in their secret cults, religions, art, music and science, yet why we use it so much is a mystery.

What we can draw from this is that the lucky number 7 is utterly enigmatic. 7 makes little to no sense in math. Why? Because it does not divide into the 360 degree circle evenly like all the other numbers do. This has led people to believe now for a long time that there is something odd going on here with this mystical number. You should learn about lucky number 7 now: lucky number 7

The mysteries and oddities which surround the lucky number 7 are definitely not limited to this simple example. Indeed, the awesome list of anomalies surrounding 7 is gigantic.

The mystery of this number and it symbolic power has led many people to believe that it is a holy number. It represents the highest power of God. Go and find out more about the lucky number 7 here right now: lucky number 7

This means that Lucky number 7 is very unusual because it is also the divine number 7. All the major religions and practically every mystery cult around the world considers it sacred. It can not be divided into it into the circle of life, and thus stands outside of it, and has no place in the wheel of karma.

This means that the lucky number 7 actually stands outside of reality. It is our connection to the divine, to the source of creation. This divine source is unconditional love.

In this place of divine creation we find true happiness: we find our inner-peace.

Through the lucky number 7 we can also get from this place a creative force. We have taken the first step to successful transformation in our lives when we are conscious of the power of the lucky number 7.

Getting a Matrix 7 attunement would be the next logical step.

If you are wondering what Matrix 7 is exactly, it is an attunement into the mystical and lucky number 7. Connecting to this divine power will mean real transformation can now begin in your life.

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