What Is The Next Generation Of Video Games

Posted on November 17, 2010
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They are everywhere, creeping into our lounges and taking over our children. Isn’t it great? Pong first entered peoples living room almost four decades ago. With each passing year the games have become more involved and are able to do more and more things. Who would have thought when the first video games first came out they would later come out with the Wii Motion Plus, or the xbox 360 kinect and start revolutionizing the world of video games and transforming your ordinary yet enjoyable video game into a somewhat extraordinarily exciting novel way to combat the world of cellulite?

For years now, companies like Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony have competed to come up with the next great craze. The manufacturers are coming up with more powerful consoles constantly. The newer versions always seem more powerful. When a new platform is ready to be released there is a tremendous amount of hype that follows its potential release.

Since their emergence onto the market, there has been a burst of improvement from Nintendo, while introducing their Wii Remote and later in 2008 the Wii Motion Plus, featuring the accelerometer, and sensor bar that actually enables ones actions to be identically experienced on the screen as in real time, and now with the upcoming xbox 360 kinect release date, Microsoft is promising a game platform that does not need the remote and , Sony has shifted their focus toward the Play Station Move, where your every movement is mimicked in blue-ray powered high definition. But consumers are always wanting more than what they have. There seems to be no limit to what the machines can do.

The platforms are only half the battle. The games that they play are evolving to. Plenty of genres are available. They can fulfill the needs of all ages. Whether a person wants to get fit, or play football, there is a game for them. And the quality of the graphics is getting better too.

Though there is a financial crisis looming within every home. Although the xbox 360 kinect price might shock some people, it seems that there is still great demand for sales and improvement.} Manufacturers are having to invest heavily in the development of the new consoles and that can cause major problems for their stockholders. That does not stop the manufacturers from offering these platforms. And there are plenty of games available. A lot of money can be spent on them. A teenager can end up with a collection that cost more than a person’s first car. The cost of the games must be taken into account when a person is trying to choose a console.
Video game systems are not just for playing games. Some are capable of playing blu-ray discs. Because of this they are replacing other appliances in a person’s home. This helps offset the price that is paid for them.
Video games and their platforms are not going anywhere. It is a new form of entertainment for people to use. The systems will be able to do more and more. Your platform will become obsolete at some point. If you are going to wait, that is okay. The next generation of machines is not far behind. Long lines at electronic stores will greet the next new platform. The desire of the consumer never seems to be quenched.

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