What Is The Difference Between The Gaming Systems

Posted on December 22, 2010
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When it comes to choosing a video game console, a person has three main options to look at. It is not easy to decide which console will be the best one. With Microsoft’s highly anticipated xbox 360 kinect release date finally in stores, all three major current-generation gaming consoles now offer some form of motion control and the Xbox 360’s has got Kinect, the PS3 has the PlayStation Move, and the Wii has the motion controllers so it is important to look at what makes these systems different, where each one is successful, and where each one is lacking.
With the PS3 a player will use both a controller and a camera to control their motions. The Move Motion Controller tracks movement in three dimensions. By having a control in their hand a player can aim at the screen with it to make some games easier. ThePlayStation Move requires room to function. This is also a requirement for the Xbox console.
If you already have a Playstation 3 you can get a bundle for the move that costs $99. The complete system including the console sells for $399. For multiple players you will need extra controllers that can be bought separately.
Kinect can track your movements without a physical controller because of the camera that it uses. To get around the games and use the various functions a person uses a combination of hand and body movements. The game also has speech recognition to help a player navigate around it. Because of the camera system, gamers must give themselves ample amount of room when using this console. The kinect system requires the most room to operate well.
The xbox 360 kinect price is around $150 for the kinect only but if you don’t have an Xbox 360, you will need to purchase that although you can get a Kinect bundle for $299 or a person can opt for a system with more storage space, and they can turn to the Kinect and the 250GB Xbox 360 for $449. Many people are able to use this system at the same time without having to buy extra controllers.
When a person chooses the Wii console they will have to keep a controller in their hand. While the original controllers were not able to always track a player’s movements well, that has been improved. The new controller is much more consistent. It provides a better experience. The trouble that Wii has is its graphics. It does not allow games to be played in high definition.
If you choose to get the Nintendo console, you will not be able to buy it as an add on to something else. For the budget conscious person, the Wii is the best bet. A person will spend $199 for everything they need. If a person wants to the cost can go up much higher. There are many accessories that are available for the Wii. Some games require additional things for a person to play them at the highest level. They also have other accessories to help protect the games parts.
It is up to each individual to figure out the best console. None of the machines are perfect for everyone. How a person will use the consoles is something else that should be considered. The age of the users is another consideration. For people who are serious gamers the choice of the console is very important and should not be taken lightly. It seems that almost every home has some type of gaming system. Motion gaming is a lot of fun to play. The young and old alike can enjoy the platforms. So do not miss out on the fun.

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