What Gaming Device Is Best For You

Posted on December 1, 2010
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There are many differences between console gaming systems that make it hard for first time buyers to find the one that would work for them and with the upcoming xbox 360 kinect release date now might be the time for a person to learn what the differences between the platforms really is and how it affects their search for the right platform.
The titles that a person enjoys is the first thing to take into consideration when choosing a platform. Because if you want to get your young kids a system you probably will get them a Play Station 3 or Wii, do to the child friendly content available so you need to find out the primary user and what level of games they are allowed to play and realize that the many xbox 360 kinect games that are not sports games will have a high T for teen rating through M for mature rating. Titles with those ratings are not good for a young child to play due to the content. Older children have been exposed to these ideas through other activities and can handle those thoughts better.
The Play Station 3 has a mixture of games going from E for Everyone to M for mature. People who use this platform do not want everything to be too graphic but can provide a family with a good mix o the game types. It is important for parents to sit down and talk with their kids about how they feel about the blood, gore, and language in some of these games. An adult should not buy any games without first doing some research on what type of content will be involved.
Nintendo’s platform is made for more family oriented gaming So there are a lot of games appropriate for younger kids. The simple nature of these games might be more difficult to hold the interest of the adults.
Each system has a variety of parental controls. Microsoft uses the titles ratings to help a parent stop a child from playing certain ones. It includes just the basics though. For parents who want to control their kids playing the most the PS3 is the best option. By making the system password protected, parents are able to protect their children better from content that is too mature for them. The Wii also falls a little short on parental controls like the Xbox. The good part about the Wii is that most of the titles are not made or mature audiences and thus the protection is not as necessary.
Another consideration when choosing a platform is the graphic capability of the platform. Microsoft has the best graphics and the most realistic play o the three. The Wii’s graphics are one of its two biggest faults. Because the games are not as challenging on this platform, the need for superior graphics is also less. At times the Nintendo system freezes up and a person will lose the game that they are playing. The best graphics experience has to be the Play Station 3 though. It has new revolutionary technology of Blue Ray giving it that little edge over the X-box making it the best system.
The final thing to consider is the cost of the platforms and although they are not too far apart with the new xbox360 kinect price and the sales that are being promoted to spur sales of the older systems a person does have some control in the budget for gaming.

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