What Exactly Sleep Apnea?

Posted on March 26, 2011
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Do you consistently wake at night? Are you falling asleep during the day? Should you be then you might be struggling with the side effects of sleep apnea.
A disorder that causes people to literally miss a breathe and gasp for air, which often can lead to choking, sleep apnea in many cases can be fatal. In the elderly this is very dangerous and in many cases steps should be taken to stop the patient from choking.
Both people who drink vast amounts of alcohol and are overweight are more likely to suffer from sleep apnea symptoms and other frequent side effects include things like severe headaches and tiredness during the day leading to easily falling asleep whilst talking or working. Loud heavy snoring is yet another common problem for sleep apnea.
The good news is there are methods in which you can steer clear of sleep apnea. Lots of exercise is essential, so enrol in some type of exercise class or take regular daily walks. A diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables is likewise important and lowering your intake of sweet and fatty foods is also advised.
Alcohol and drugs also affect your sleep so cutting down, or even better, eliminating, your consumption of both drugs and alcohol will be very beneficial.
Sleep apnea is a very serious condition and it’s also well to understand that. Signs and symptoms can leave people gasping for air and choking during sleep. Loud snoring may also affect partners.
Treating sleep apnea is essential and a visit to the local doctor will help considerably. A brand new, nutritious diet may be prescribed and a exercise routine suggested. If symptoms are exceedingly bad then medical apparatus can be used like cpap machines vancouver and Respironics cpap machine that are created to keep the air passages open allowing sufferers a much better night’s sleep.

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