What Does A Gamer Look Like

Posted on March 13, 2011
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The person who played video games was easy to describe many years ago. Not only could you spot the gamer, you were able to put a nametag on them. They became known as the techies. They always seemed to be very smart especially in the sciences. Gamers had a certain look in the clothes they wore. The words they used were only able to be understood by other gamers. Over the years the image of the gamer has changed. The typical gamer does not stand out like a sore thumb anymore. How has the look of the typical gamer changed?

The first way to describe a gamer is by the system they play on because the people who play are loyal to the console they like to play on whether it is the Xbox kinect, the Playstation Move, The Nintendo Wii, A PC gamer, or someone who plays games on their phones, they system they play on really does not matter except to the individual who is playing on it. People are loyal to the system that they have and often think that it is better than the others.

In the beginning, boys dominated the market. That is also not the case in today’s word. Men and women even play them side by side. People do not set up their consoles in the dark recesses of their home anymore. They have taken over the living rooms of the world. It has allowed all of the family members to enjoy an activity together.

There is also no set age for a gamer. It used to be the world of the teenager. Arcades were the stomping ground the younger generation if a person recently went to a store for the recent xbox 360 kinect release date they would see a line that was full of people of all ages and the game systems were to be played by everyone in the family from the youngest child all the way to the great grandparent who had come over for a holiday dinner and found themselves caught up in the excitement of game play.

In the past there was generally one type of gamer. People who played games were devoted to the hobbie. The hardcore gamer played the games a lot. They lived through the games and did not do much else beside play them. It is not always that way today and many people are not as hardcore when they play. Game systems can go several days at a time without being turned on. They do not get completely involved in the games. This type of gamer is looking for ways to play that are not going to make them think a lot and always build on what they had done before. They have lost the need to pick up a game and continue it on a daily basis. Instead of being defined by the games they play a person is defined by who they are overall.

In order to pick a person who plays video games you have to stop thinking about stereotypes. There is no one way to guarantee that a person enjoys the gaming consoles so it is not worth trying to figure out. A person is much more likely to be involved in video games than ever before. A family home is not complete without a gaming console. And most of the people in the home have played a game on it at some point.

Trying to draw a picture of a gaming enthusiast is an enjoyable activity. Everyone will probably have an idea of their gamer that is not the same as anyone else. The typical gamer has changed more than the game systems have. It has become a game to find the gamer.

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