What Are The 11 Forgotten Laws? Find The Secret Of The 11 Forgotten Laws

Posted on December 17, 2010
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What are the 11 forgotten laws? They are universal laws that work in addition to the law of attraction which some might be familar with from the movie “The Secret.” The law of attraction is simply stated like attracts like. If you think positive thoughts then positive things will happen and if you think negative things than that is what will happen. If used by itself attraction is powerful but if used in conjunction with the other 11 forgotten laws you will unlock power you never knew you had.

The 11 forgotten laws are eleven more laws that relate to, and work with, the law of attraction. Without these other laws you will not be able to get the most out of the law of attraction or life in general which is what it is really all about. The list of these laws is:

The Law of Thinking- What we think the most is what we will become.
The Law of Supply- We will naturally want more out of life and that is not greed that is our nature.
The Law of Attraction- We attract to ourselves what we put into the world with our thoughts and actions.
The Law of Receiving- Allow things to come to you graciously.
The Law of Increase- Give to receive.
The Law of Compensation- You get what you give, so to give value means to get value.
The Law of Non-Resistance- Do not judge or resist what is going on in the moment.
The Law of Forgiveness- The choice to free vital energy that is locked up in blame or resentment.
The Law of Sacrifice- Everything has a price. Willingness to pay the price is the only way to achieve what you desire .
The Law of Obedience- Work with the laws and they will work with you. Resist them, and they will work against you .
The Law of Success- Do more positive things than negative things and success will result from it.

To truly become the most out of life you need to make sure that you put all of the laws into effect. You do have the option to use the laws independently of one another but if you want to get the full effect you have to make sure that you put all of the laws into play in your life and not just one or two of them.

If you work the 11 forgotten laws in your life you will see huge increases in every aspect of your life from personal and family to success and money

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