What Are Green Office Products?

Posted on August 20, 2010
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Being ‘green’ has changed the way that people think about the products and the environment and products used in the office is no exception. Because so many people work in offices, the amount of office furniture and products that are made and purchased each year is truly astronomical. Everything we do to help make our environment more friendly and healthy is work the effort and people are finally starting to realize that.

It is becoming easier to buy products that are eco-friendly, as schools, corporations and even government agencies are asking for them. Although it has taken awhile for the “green” theory to become reality to many people, it is becoming more and more evident that definite changes need to take place. With office furniture alone, the glues, stains and polishes of manufacturing the furniture is anything but healthy for workers. This does not include the fact that many older pieces of furniture are not able to be recycled due to their dangerous by-products .

Choosing green office products requires having an idea of what you want. For example, there may be certain specifications that you are interested in and others that you are not. Because there are so many different ideas about what makes something ‘green,’ you need to decide exactly what you are looking for. It’s important to make sure that the products you purchase are actually environmentally friendly, because there are not many regulations yet on what it means to be ‘green’. People will be able to trust labels more, as specifications and regulations for ‘green’ become more regulated. In the meantime, ask questions and make sure that the “green” label really does mean something.

While it’s commendable to be environmentally friendly, it makes even more sense to find products that are friendly to the body. These ergonomic products provide support to the body and remove the strain and stress of everyday work. In other words, computer ergonomics would apply to people who work at a computer all day, using their hands, arms and fingers most of the day. These workers will often strain their muscles day by day with no relief. These ergonomic products help workers by giving them the support they need to get their work done, and also be more productive because they are not hurting their bodies in the process.

Another popular eco-friendly idea is recycling. While many people recycle their paper, glass, and aluminum cans, not many stop to consider recycling their office furniture. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has estimated that businesses throw away about three million tons of furniture every year, paying disposal costs of about one hundred million dollars.

There are several ways that you can use recycled office products. One of these ways is to buy furniture that has been made from solid waste, rebuilt and put on the market to be sold to the public. This can include products that have been re-used, refurbished or re-manufactured. Re-used office furniture has been recycled and returned to the market to sell, without repairing or improving the furniture. Refurbished office furniture is recycled, “touched up” to improve the look, and then put back on the market. Re-manufactured office products are ones that have been disassembled completely, then inspected, cleaned, repaired, put back together and refinished. Only then will this “like new” product be put back on the market to sell.

It’s never been easier to go green. Rather it’s an ergonomic desk chair, paper products, or light bulbs, anything that we do to help make people and the environment healthier is worth the time and effort. As people begin to grasp the amazing, long lasting benefits of conserving energy and natural resources, it will become a way of life for everyone.

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