What Actually Causes OCD? Discover Four Real Causes Immediately.

Posted on September 18, 2010
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Have you been trying to find out what exactly causes OCD in most Americans today?

If this was the case for you, then no need to worry, we’ll go ahead and break down 6 major causes of OCD today. People who have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) tend to have nervous and anxious relationsihps with what would be considered minor or mundane things or tasks in their daily lives.

Uncovering what causes ocd may also be a tricky thing to be able to do because not every one of the methods function as well as they ought to.

Check out this list of obsessive compulsive disorder causes and see for yourself:

1. Abnormalities of some brain chemicals:
Studies have repeatedly shown that people who are chronic sufferers of OCD, have extreme abnormalities on their brain tissue itself, and this is commonly seen as a cause of OCD. Abnormalities particularly in the basal ganglia and thalamus, two major parts of a human brain, cause these two parts to not function properly by failing to receive brain chemical messages being brought about by the brain chemical, serotonin.

2. Hereditary & genetic factors:
Another common cause of OCD is just the fact that that particular gene and genetic weakness was given to you genetically by your mom or dad. There’s have been many studies lately indicating that there is a 30% chance that people who have OCD, also have a family member who also deals with OCD to some degree.

3. Previous history of infections:
You probably wouldn’t put this one together but a primary cause of OCD, is the toxic medications that people take during their life to get rid of infections. The medications can cause neurological damage over time especially if you take them on a long term basis.

4. Depression:
People suffering from depression sometimes experience obsessive-compulsive symptoms, and those with OCD also often feel depressed at some point in their lives. For a person to deal with depression as well as OCD can be very difficult, that’s why I strongly suggest that person seek a professional treatment program that can help them deal with both issues.

5. Psychodynamics:
This theory refers to the disturbances that a person experiences during the early stages of his or her sexual or cognitive development. Then OCD is subconsciously a way to fill in the mental gaps that were left during those early stages as way to cope.

6. Guilt and shame:
The very act of feeling shameful and guilty about something takes control away and OCD is a way to deal with these negative emotions. It’s common for some people with OCD to feel a huge sense of regret of the bad or embarrassing things they’ve done in the past.

Are you in search of info about all causes of obsessive compulsive disorder? If you are searching to get this particular material, you will discover it. The resolutions are invariably out there waiting.

I would strongly suggest a comprehensive and reputable treatment program like The Linden Method that can help deal with all of these issues.

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