Ways To Stay Fit During The Holidays

Posted on December 6, 2010
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Christmas time is not a time that people worry about what they are eating. A little advance planning can help prevent that post-holiday bulge without ruining your holiday feast and without you worrying about how you are going to find out how to lose weight fast once the holiday season is over and you get the shock of your life when you step on the scale.
1. Do not imbibe in cocktails. This can save you a lot of calories. Alcohol is fattening. Drinking leads to snacking. People have less control over themselves when they indulge.
2. Eat before going to a holiday party. The food choices that are offered at many parties are not always healthy and it is easier to avoid if you are not hungry. The less of the unhealthy food that you eat, the better off you will be and you will be less likely to be searching for a plan that shows you how to lose weight fast without exercise when you realize that the pants that you used to wear to work no longer fit around your waist.

3. Keep up your exercise program. Exercise is an important part of how a person feels and getting enough exercise will allow a person to stay more alert, fit and trim no matter what time of year it is.

4. If you are cooking for the holidays, cook healthy. You can let other people in on the idea. Just because it is Christmas food does not mean that it has to be bad to eat. Good food can also be good for you.

5. Do not show up to a party too early and you will miss some of the tempting foods that are availavle. Bar foods and appetizers are things that are not usually very healthy for a person to eat. The best thing a person can do to keep from eating them is to never see them in the first place.

6. Replace sweets with healthy holiday snacks such as fruit baskets and nuts in shells. Most people will not miss the sweets.

7 You do not have to make an appearance at every holiday affair. You’ll save a lot of calories and time. It will allow you to enjoy the ones you go to that much more. There never seems to be enough time for doing everything. Keeping your mind fit is just as important as keeping your body fit.

8. Do not try to be a gourmet chef. Taste is not always determined by how hard something is to make. You could also receive a lot of compliments for doing something that is better for everyone.

9. Do not expect miracles to happen. At a holiday dinner or party, indulge in some goodies, but eat smaller portions and try to make the best choices that you can but you do have to avoid everything and should indulge in some of the foods that you crave just keep it under control and you will not be looking for something that shows you how to lose weight fast without exercise and pills once the parties have ended.

10. Avoid skipping meals before a big holiday meal. Not eating will leave you hungry and that means it will be harder for you to make the right choices when confronted with a lavish buffet. If you eat on a normal schedule it is easier to say no to a large buffet that is placed in front of you.

11. Make sure to take it easy and enjoy yourself. If you break down and eat a high-fat dessert, just go easy on what you have the rest of the day or cut back a few calories tomorrow. Enjoy everything about the holidays.

12. Drink lots of water. This is another secret to dieting at any time of the year.

It is not too difficult to make the right choices for your body. If you do make good choices you will not have to make a resolution to fix it.

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