Two Amazing Keys For Eliminating The Fear Of Money

Posted on April 3, 2011
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Pretty much everybody who is breathing has thoughts about money each day, even on numerous occasions. And the fear of money commands the thinking of most individuals more than confidence in their right to be rich.

Is There Really a Right to Be Rich?

To many, this may appear to be a ridiculous notion. It becomes a spiritual question of our reason for being. In The Science of Getting Rich, author Wallace Wattles presented the claim that people were created to live fully and feel joyfully alive. With this in mind, we have to have free access to all the things necessary to live fully, and this necessitates an abundance of money. Thus, we need to have the right to be rich.

If there is a universal intelligence that wants us to be fully alive and prosperous, why is it that so many people have difficulties with lack of wealth? Because thoughts are things and the thinking of most people gravitates to concerns about lacking wealth rather than on their right to be rich and joyfully alive.

Consider these widespread errors in thinking:

1. Believing the supply of riches in the world is restricted.

2. Supposing it’s tough to make money.

3. Believing there is a ceiling on how much money you can make.

Becoming relaxed and confident about your financial prospects and about your life creates the opposite scenario. You feel more alive, more passionate about life, and healthier in body, mind, and spirit. You become free to expand and grow to realize your full range of possibilities as a human being.

Two Secrets for Moving from Stressful Financial Fears to the Right to Be Rich

It all starts with the mind and there are two powerful ways to shape your thinking:

1. Let go of your money blocks. Many would claim that this is not that simple. Yet with a transformational energy healing technique like EFT tapping, just about anyone can start to experience alleviation of symptoms in a matter of minutes. There is a reason why many call it a modern miracle.

2. Transform your thinking. This involves obtaining the best learning tools available and Wattles’ “Science Book” is clearly unsurpassed.

So the most effective way forward is to start with EFT tapping and learn Wattles secrets. Take both steps repeatedly until you are fully confident in your right to be rich and your financial worries are all but gone.

You will also begin to awaken a desire to behave in new ways to come into harmony with thoughts of the riches that are coming your way rather than thoughts of lack. When you experience success with changing your prevailing thoughts, this will occur with ease. Different patterns of thinking open brain cells to innovative ways of doing things that create different outcomes.

Sadly, most individuals won’t take these three steps to change their thoughts and their human potential. You must make a firm decision not to be one of them. Be determined to overcome your fear of money and take a chance on pursuing your right to be rich. If you follow this advice, it will magically alter the course of your life!

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