Treating Your Thyroid With Food

Posted on February 9, 2011
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The ability to regulate energy usage is under the control of the thyroid. Some people have a condition that affects this process. Millions of Americans are suffering with problems with their thyroid. They suffer from hyperthyroidism, a thyroid that acts too fast, or hypothyroidism, a thyroid that acts too slowly and leaving either one of these conditions untreated can lead to weight problems and numerous other health issues such as hair loss and heart beat irregularities and although many people suffer from these symptoms of low thyroid condition and they take medications to control their thyroid gland there are also people who believe that eating healthy can also help. A person needs to do a few things to use a diet to help their thyroid.
Checking with an expert is recommended for anyone who is trying to treat a thyroid condition to learn what they should or should not eat. Dietitians are specifically trained to help people with medical problems manage their health through proper eating. The diet needs to be created to help with specific symptoms. Most importantly they can help teach a person how to change your daily eating habits. Because the reasons that a person is trying to change their diet are caused by a medical condition, it could be covered by insurance. It is something that might be worth investigating.
When a person’s thyroid is not producing enough a person needs to eat some types of foods and avoid others. If a person has a diet that includes walnuts or soybeans they could suffer even more. There are things in these types of food that cause the thyroid to be even more under active than before. The way that your body will work will slow down even more. A person could add some pounds to their body if they eat these foods and cause their body to slow down even more. Something else that a person with a under active thyroid needs to limit is the amount of fiber in their diet. They can interfere with the function of the thyroid gland.
There are a few things a person should know before they try to alter the way they eat to ensure that they will be able to stick with the plan. It is better to not go overboard with changes. It is better to do one thing at a time and build upon that rather than to try to do it all at once. It is like putting together a big building, it needs to be done one brick at a time. Over time a person will get used to all of the things that they are supposed to be eating. There are some simple things a person can do that include increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables that a person is eating. If a person wants to eat healthier, this is a good place to start.
Be aware of your calcium intake because while eating calcium in he diet through foods like milk, cheese, spinach and certain nuts is considered safe, many people believe that taking a calcium supplement or a low thyroid diet pills will help them maintain overall health but the truth is that this might not be needed if a person is getting the proper levels of nutrition through their diet and anything extra should be avoided.
If a person is dealing with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism they will have to deal with it for a long time. Eating a healthy diet is one way for a person to help deal with the problems. A proper diet can have many positive benefits for an individual. Not eating the right foods can make the problems worse. No one can make a person make the right choices except for the person themselves.

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