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Posted on March 27, 2011
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Much of my adult life has been spent overweight. I watched people on the Biggest Loser and was confident that I was not that overweight. The extra weight is not something that I was proud of. It is not healthy for someone to have the fat around their midsection and this was something that I was aware of.

At that point in my life, I was proud of what I had accomplished. My wife, kids, and job made me feel successful. Despite what I had, I wanted something more. Because I was overweight, I could not enjoy life to the fullest. The only way to get that was for me to get into shape. Despite previous attempts, I was not able to lose the weight. I had wasted money by paying for a fitness club and I rarely went. It was time to come up with a new weight loss plan. It was time for me to come up with something that was more innovative.

The answer came from a source that I never expected. For Christmas, this year we had heard about the recent xbox 360 kinect release date price and decided that it would fit into the budget for us and our kids would love to have it, but what we did not expect was that the adults in the house were also going to find some enjoyment in the system, but that is exactly what happened. This was an activity that I had done as a child. Despite being older, I still liked gaming.

The xbox 360 kinect allows a person to use their movements to control the action in the game and because of this I was able to play sports that I had been unable to do before due to lack of equipment or the fact that to do some of them would require traveling to a resort, but with the game system I soon found myself skiing in the middle of the summer, and performing in the Olympics and taking home the gold medal. Video gaming was more exciting that I had remembered it to be. Motion gaming bought a whole new perspective to the activity. It was fun physical activity.

This workout regimen was different than the ones that I used to use. I was happy to turn on the game and begin. Rather than struggle to exercise for twenty minutes, I would lose track of time as I moved. I did not need a long list of excuses to avoid my work outs. I easily made it part of my regular routine. Rather than doing less work, I found myself doing more.

One thing I decided to do was to get a title that would help me with my work outs. The trainers of the show the biggest Loser had come out with a fitness title that intrigued me. I had made the right decision. I was able to accomplish more than I thought I would with a video game. There were complete fitness lessons built into the game. When I used the game, it also had a record of what I was accomplishing. The game included things that were designed to help encourage me. Slowly but surely my body changed. It gave me the look that I had wanted.

There were many good things associated with my weight loss. I was able to participate in many activities that I had been unable to do before because of being overweight. The exercise on the gaming console became a family activity. It was like we had found a new and exciting part of life that was missing in the past. I had won back my life without realizing what I had lost.

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