Top 3 Reasons Why You Are Still Alone and How to Heal Your Broken Heart

Posted on December 2, 2010
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Your friends are always telling you that you are good looking, have a great personality and have so much to offer someone, but you’re thinking “If I’m so great then why am I still alone on a Friday night trying to mend my broken heart?”

If you are prepared to be honest with yourself, the answer may be nearer than you think. Most of the time we walk around in denial, telling ourselves that all the good ones are taken, but you’re still single and you are a good catch, so all the good one aren’t taken!

Reason #1 – You never seem to attract the right people.

You need to make a list of what you want in a partner and a list of the people you are attracted to, how do they compare? My friend, Belle, for instance, is a beautiful girl and has no trouble getting a date, but her relationships never last more then a few months, why? Belle doesn’t give the guy a chance if she doesn’t feel that instant attraction. This type of attraction is purely sexual and has nothing to do the guy. How can a long-term relationship be built when it is based on a sexual attraction?

It really depends on the people but some couples are able to expand the sexual relationship into a more significant one. Sadly for Belle, being faithful and wanting to settle down are not attributes the guys she is attracted to have. Because her list and the guys she dated have very little in common and that is why she always ends up with a broken heart.

And your list looks like? Is the person you are attracted to and the one you really want to be with, the same?

Reason #2 – Looking for love in all the wrong places.

I hear constantly from my friends how hard it is to meet a great guy. When I ask them where they are looking they sheepishly tell me… a bar. Anyone who has met someone at a bar has not had a permanent relationship, at least I haven’t.

You’d most likely have a better possibility to meet someone at a coffee shop, a bookstore or even a laundromat even though there is a chance that you might meet someone remarkable at a bar. One of my friends met her husband at the bus stop, since they were both there everyday at the same time they struck up a conversation and got to know each other. A few weeks later they went on a date, finally. Getting to know each other on the level as they did at the bus stop would not had happened if they had met at a bar instead.

Meeting Mr. Right could be as easy as hanging out in some of your favorite places, what are they?

Reason #3 – You listen to your friends and not your gut.

Our friends’ only want what best for us and sometimes what they think and what we think is not always the same thing. I remember my girlfriend really wanted her friends to finally meet the boyfriend she had been dating for awhile.

It was rocky right from the start, her new guy got totally hammered and was completely out of hand. As the night wore on, he kept getting louder and louder, spilling his drinks and making my friend fidget in her seat. His first impression was not a good one.

The following day I told her, “You are worthy of so much better than him. That guy is a bonehead!”. I know I wasn’t the only one who told her to dump him, but she didn’t give in to peer pressure and continued to see him.

I’m so glad she ignored me because he turned out to be a really awesome guy! That night he had been so nervous about meeting all of her friends, he drank too much and ended up acting like a total jerk.

If listening to your friends means throwing away potentially magnificent guys, do you?

So is the key right in front you for why you are still alone? The changes that you need to make, do you now know? Can you make the changes so you are not home alone on a Friday night, wondering to yourself “How can I mend my broken heart?”? By submitting your comments you can let me know if there is another reason or two I may have missed.

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