Tips To Prevent Panic Attacks

Posted on July 9, 2010
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One of the biggest problems with Panic attacks is that they are very sudden and unexpected. It brings about a period of extreme anxiety, and gets you physiologically aroused. They happen quite abruptly, and may have no apparent triggers.

Even though these attacks seem rather sudden, they are not. Primarily, Panic attacks are just misplaced Flight or Fight response. It is our brain’s hardwired mechanism of coping with danger. This mechanism releases massive amounts of adrenaline, pumps up the blood towards hand and feet and gets you ready to deal with emergencies. Such a response would have been necessary for a cave man due to the danger he faced in those days. Even today, this response may come in handy in live saving/threatening situations. Although we do not have such situations so often.

In today’s world, we buy into the idea of stress rather easily. Stress is just one small word everyone loves to toss around when they are unable to justify the unjustifiable wants and needs of today’s world. Stress is one of the major causes for panic attacks.Experiencing a panic attack can be one of the most intensely frightening, upsetting and uncomfortable experiences in your life.

A Panic attack may last anywhere from 15 seconds to thirty minutes. They may even become cyclic, coming to you in waves spread over a few hours. The worst part of having a panic attack however, is the anxiety of not knowing when you may have the next one. This anticipation builds up the anxiety and together, they create a snowball effect in converting a small, one time attack into a life changing problem. These panic attacks can start a snowball effect. You may get panic attacks from things that you might have even enjoyed working in the past. Its like a hurricane that carries all the bits on its path and sadly if you do nothing about these attacks, they may end up destroying any chances of normality in your life.

One of the biggest mistakes you can do in treating a panic attack is to agree with your doctor to take medication to reduce these panic attacks.

Pay attention to the side effects listed for any of prescribed drugs used to treat panic attacks and you will know what I mean. You need to cure teh actual source of panic attack rather than its symptoms. Most of the drugs available in the market focus only on reducing your body’s natural response to these panic attacks. Why is this not good? Imagine that you are about to get mugged, but if you outrun your mugger, you can be safe. This is a real situation where you need to flight out, but due to the drugs your doctor prescribed, your body is not responding as it should. What do you think will happen next?

So how do you cure panic attacks? Avoid having any type of stimulants in your food. Having too much caffeine (Coffee) will add stimulants to your blood stream and these stimulants keep looking for a way to get out. It’s like a rebel teenage kid trying to pick up a fight. So gradually reduce your coffee intake.

Get involved with a physical sport. Running, kickboxing, swimming and any other sport that will help you sweat out and release endorphins is good. It will get you into shape and has an added benefit of reducing your anxiety and stress levels. You can find other effective ways to cure panic attackshere. you will discover many ways to attack your panic attacks and find out more about
the One Step technique that is an all natural treatment for panic attack.

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