Three Silly Notions About Becoming an Expert Writer or Speaker

Posted on March 28, 2011
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For anyone who hopes to create a business based on their Sharing your expertise serves both you and your target audience. Doesn’t it feel wonderful to be appreciated for the valuable services you offer?

2. Receiving recognition as an expert is meaningless. No one would disagree that your confidence emanates from the inside. The assumption here is, “I’m here to help others — and I don’t need to recognition to be of value.”

But to live fully, it is important to share your gifts with many others. The fact is that if you want to assist a lot of people, you have to find a way for others to learn about you. Sharing your expertise as a writer or speaker tells others that you know how to help them.

3. Your strategy is to use the Law of Attraction. This law offers amazing truths, and constructive thinking is a critical element for creating success.

You also have to learn how this universal law functions. If you use it simply to send an order out to the universe and instantly achieve success, you almost certainly will attract failure. More is needed. You must be consistently focused with the use of your mind and with taking consistent action to obtain results.

Adapting a strategy based only on a wishful Law of Attraction approach is dubious. It will never be a realistic business strategy. Being clear with your thoughts and feelings is smart as a first step. This will lead you to the right and necessary action. Then you must continue to be persistent to generate positive results.

Your Potential of Gaining Expert Recognition as a Widely Recognized Expert Speaker or Author

When you have a problem that is keeping you up at night, wouldn’t you seek help from a recognized expert? And how would you locate such an expert? You’d probably read something they have written or listen to them speak.

Developing skills as a speaker or author, you also increase your abilities as an expert. And by delivering your expertise to those you want to serve, you create success.

Studying to be an expert speaker or writer can be extremely valuable. Don’t you think it’s important for your underlying purpose, and your calling to make a difference to get your message out clearly to others? If this is the case, becoming a recognized expert can become an exciting part of the journey!

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