The Truth Behind Losing Weight

Posted on October 30, 2010
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It is important to know the real facts rather than the rumors. That is what actually leads to weight loss and a person needs to understand what they are hearing when they go into forums like the biggest loser weight loss forum so they can keep themselves looking healthy, fit and fine by knowing the truth about some of the most common weight loss myths..
Myth: Fat is bad for you.
There are fats that are good for you and fats that are bad for you. Healthy fats are indeed, necessary for your body and help in maintaining good health. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are considered to be good fatty acids that must be included in your diet, and these never lead to weight gain. People run into trouble with their weight when they take in too much saturated fatty acids that are not healthy for a person. These bad fats are also, responsible for blocking your arteries and increasing your chances for heart attacks. The solution is to skip the SFA’s and concentrate on the PSA’s
Number 2 You will shed more pounds if you only eat once a day.
Fact: This is completely untrue because by skipping meals, you actually disturb your body’s metabolic system, and when you are in starvation mode, your hormones get imbalanced and the body tries to conserve the energy, rather than expending it which means that your body will have excess calories, which will lead to weight gain rather than a person lose weight fasting. If you skip meals during the day, you are more likely to make up for those missing calories by snacking or eating more at the next meal. This type of diet will pack on the pounds. Instead of skipping meals, actually a person should eat more meals and concentrate on making good choices and eating smaller portions.
Third is that the food you choose will not matter if you workout.
Fact: The type of exercise is not important whether you run around a track or do a six pack ab exercise program but what is important is the amount of calories you burn, since this is an essential feature of weight loss. because your body will accumulate extra calories as fat regardless of the amount of exercise you do. If you want to lose the fat you must watch what you eat. The key to getting fit and trim is to find the right balance of working out and eating right.
Number 4 Do not believe everything you read about a type of food.
Just because it says “lite” on the label does not mean that it is good for your diet. A low fat diet can have many other ingredients that are added to boost flavor and texture. If something was very fatty to start with, losing half the calories might make it better but it will still be unhealthy. Stay away from processed foods when you can, but if you do make sure you understand what is actually in the things you are eating. Instead of eating diet food, concentrate on smaller portions. With low fat foods, look to see where else the calories might come from and at best, go for low fat and sugar free products.
A lot of people who face that growing midsection would like to do something about it. They are looking to get into shape. But before they try to do it they need to understand the basics. The only guaranteed way to lose weight is to put in some effort. Before you begin any weight loss plan, learn the facts. Then make the commitment to reach your goals.

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