The truth about Six Pack Abs Package Guide

Posted on March 22, 2011
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Are you looking for an all in one abs package? Do you want to get all the information and directions you need for a perfect six pack? Well, quite frankly if you had been surfing the net looking for information on abs you would have most likely stumbled across references that point to “the truth about six pack abs package”.

This article will give you a balanced review on the truth about six pack abs package. While some may be hesitant about buying into this hype, diligent buyers like to read product reviews so it is my hope that this article will help you make a sound decision

The Book

The main product is a 142 page book on the truth about six pack abs. Its covers everything you need to know about abs and full body workouts. It covers a variety of topics dealing from fat loss, exercises, nutrition plans, sample meals, sample exercises. Basically this is the number one source for everything abdominal.

The Video

With this option you get all that is in book but in a video format. Personally I preferred this because reading a 142 page book isn’t exactly entertaining. Watching these videos allow me to be more accurate in my training techniques. This saved me time and allowed me to jump straight into my exercises. The best part of these videos is the ability to download them directly to your computer or even your I-pod and take them to the gym with you.

The Book and Video Combination

This is a great deal that I would recommend anyone who is thinking about purchasing “the truth about six pack abs package”. So, take this option and do not miss out on anything. You will also receive a discounted price if you bought the whole package.


• Metabolic Rate Calculator
• Fat burning Kitchen book

• Turbulence training book that gives you access to exercises and routines to help burn fat faster.

I have been reading and following the truth about six pack abs package program as best as I can and so far it has been working. Its been 17 weeks since I first started my training and all is going well so far.

To follow my progress join my Facebook Abs group FREE or alternatively you can also visit my website for information and whilst you are there pick up your FREE gift as well.

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