The Stylish Beauty and Emotional Meaning of Pieces

Posted on July 12, 2010
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The lovely piece of Jewelry Serenity Prayer rings are currently catching on like never before. Maybe this is because of the economic downturn, because the most popular Jewelry Serenity Prayer appears on is in quite affordable, long lasting materials like tungsten, titanium, & stainless steel. Once the province of those recovering from addiction (because of its famous incorporation into AA & other twelve step programs), jewelry Serenity Prayer items are now sported by a much more general demographic. Because the jewelry Serenity Prayer appears on is, of course, regularly|usually|generally[/spin] too small to hold the full text of the Prayer:
“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, & the wisdom to know the difference.”
Therefore, the jewelry Serenity Prayer version is mostly abbreviated to the first few words or so.
With so much conflict & uncertainty happening all around us, more & more people are finding that jewelry Serenity Prayer is just what they need to stay grounded in reality. If you find you regularly get carried away with worrying, jewelry Serenity Prayer may be nice to give yourself as a reminder of your strength & resilience.
Are you one of those people who: mulls over thoughts? Chews & chews on an idea like a dog with a bone? Beats a thought to death only to find that you gained nothing?

Fear st&s for False Evidence Appearing Real, & wearing your jewelry Serenity Prayer will remind you not to give in to fear when things get rough.

What you give your attention to will become your life, & what you regularly think on or worry over will eventually become your life experience. What you allow your conscious mind to dwell upon will produce the seeds that the subconscious mind will plant & grow into your life experience. Using a simple token like the jewelry Serenity Prayer ring to focus on can help you keep your mind on the key virtues the Prayer outlines: serenity, courage, & wisdom.

This is not up for debate, what your mind dwells on will come to fruition.

Worriers have some general characteristics. Check yourself against the list & if you find yourself there, you need jewelry Serenity Prayer in your life!


Are self involved

Find fault with others

Are gossipy

Blame others for their problems

Use a lot of “yes, buts”

Are slaves to the opinion of others

Spend more time considering then doing

See yourself there? That’s okay; it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It means you’re scared! The earlier fans of jewelry Serenity Prayer can tell you that admitting your problem is the first & most difficult step to recovery. Now that you are aware of the problem, you can gain the insight to change your life.
As silly as it may sound, a small material item like jewelry Serenity Prayer etchings to carry with you through your daily life & use to help you meditate upon positive themes is a quite valuable tool in creating this change.

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