The Secret Behind The Secret — What Is The Secret Behind The Secret?

Posted on July 11, 2010
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The secret behind the secret? Why do you have to know another secret? The secret behind the secret is important to know because of the full picture it gives you. It fills in the missing pieces of the puzzle that the “Secret” simply left out for you to wonder.

Going beyond the law of attraction to explain the greater picture of the Quantum Worldview is a bonus extra e-book that comes with the secret behind the secret.

Because of its optimistic and exciting message I found this bonus book even more interesting. Indeed the Quantum Worldview is on its way to replace the Newtonian Worldview. It is part of the paradigm shift that is changing our consciousness.

Find more about the secret behind the secret here: the secret behind the secret

If you want to manifest into your life that which you think is important to have the secret behind the secret explains how to use the law of attraction to do this. It is a practical hands on approach to manifesting. This is the stuff you do not learn in the Secret.

This new Quantum Worldview is closely tied to the law of attraction. It says that we live in a subjective universe, one that we interact with. This new Worldview says that everything is connected and part of the whole. The Newtonian Worldview says the opposite: we live in an objective universe that we do not have much of an impact on, and in fact life itself is an anomaly.

It is important to know the secret behind the secret in order to fully understand the Quantum Worldview. These awesome e-books will put your mind in a way that you will see reality in an whole new light. It show you that you are in fact the creator of your own reality; and we are creating collectively, and nothing is impossible. You are creating right now whether you are aware of it or not.

So you want to become more conscious of the power you have to create. Is anyone excluded from this power? No. Creators we are all, everyone of us. The secret behind the secret is the way to know this.

Learn more about the secret behind the secret here: behind the secret

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