The Older Generation Needs To Pick A Video Game Platform Too

Posted on February 5, 2011
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Motion gaming became popular with the introduction of the Wii several years ago. The Wii became a huge hit very quickly when it was first introduced because it let users get up and move during play., but since that time 2 competing companies have entered the market: the PlayStation Move and the xbox 360 kinect and although the Move is similar to the Wii in that a person uses a controller in their hand, the Xbox takes motion gaming to a new level because the person is the controller. The fact that there is no need to hold something in their hand and push buttons makes this very popular among senior citizens. Many seniors find it easier to play the games without the controller.
Microsoft wants to target this audience as much as possible and with the recent xbox 360 kinect release date they could be in for a bigger share of seniors which make up over 25% of the gaming market, and is continually growing as our country gets older and more people who enjoyed video games when they were younger are turning into senior citizens and do not fear the latest technology like the seniors of the past did. Manufacturers have noticed this trend and are coming up with ways to market their gaming systems to this demographic.
Are there certain games that are better suited for people who are older? One of the best things about the new games is that the players are able to get physically active and this is something that the older generation likes. If a game gets a person off their feet in a good way, it can be successful. Some of the movement games are made to help a person train on a regular basis. In general the senior gamers are not looking for games that are very complex. They are not as concerned with how great the graphics are. And seniors are not looking for a game that requires a lot of different actions to accomplish anything. It is not always necessary to learn a new game, but instead they would rather get a game that reminds them of things they know from the past.
If the gamer wants they can add a lot of things to the basic gaming platform. There are ways for people to play with friends online. Most of these are geared towards the younger generation. Senior citizens will not need to waste their money on all of the extras. The older gamers would rather just plug in the system and play a simple game or two.
The use of the gaming platforms to help a person keep their body in shape is becoming more popular. Many doctors and health professionals have found that the new systems are good at helping a person rehabilitate their body. Using motion gaming can be a very social activity. Not every title is made for more than one person and this is something that a person should check.
Many young people and old people will find that they can play the games together. It allows them to have something in common. Kids love to play video games. Kids also enjoy the time that they play with their parents or grandparents so why not combine the two. The Nintendo platform has many party and family type games. It also has games that are designed for people of all ages. It is possible to find similar titles on the other platforms, but they do not have as many and have a lot of games that are more complicated.
Competition between the gaming companies is very stiff and is not going away. Senior citizens will have a say in which company becomes the best since they are now part of the demographic that must be considered. They should also enjoy the fact that the companies are thinking about what they need instead of what the kids want.

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