The Most Effective Fat Burning Exercise

Posted on December 25, 2010
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We’ll start with the 2 primary types of exercise: aerobic, and anaerobic:

Aerobic exercise is a low-intensity, low-pulse-rate endurance type of exercise. The aerobic system runs at a pace from slow to moderate. The heart rate falls in the range of between 127 to 130 beats per minute (bpm). Examples of aerobic exercises include walking, mild treadmill, biking, light jogging, light swimming and similar activities which maintain the required heart rate.

Anaerobic is a higher-intensity, higher pulse rate resistance type of exercise. Anaerobic gets activated at a higher pulse rate, around 145 beats per minute or greater. Anaerobic can even get activated with a slow pulse rate with a high enough intensity. Some examples of intense exercises that use the anaerobic energy system include running, fast jogging, fast treadmill, soccer, hockey, swing dancing, weight training, sprinting and boxing. It can also include activities such as bike riding and swimming, if the activity is done intensely to the point where a higher heart rate is achieved.

Whether you use aerobic and/or anaerobic, and to what extent, depends on which of the four basic body types you fall into. The four body types are: Adrenal Body Type, Thyroid Body Type, Liver Body Type, and Ovary Body Type.

If you have an Adrenal body type, for instance, the most effective fat burning exercises are aerobic exercises, because the adrenals are already overworked. Too much stress will make things worse. The stress hormone cortisol can be triggered in the Adrenal body types with too much stimulation. Too much cortisol can make you fat. With Adrenal body types, intense exercise blocks the rejuvenation and repair of the body. An Adrenal type person can even gain weight with exercise.

A combination of both aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise is appropriate for the Ovary body types which works best on their lower body and cellulte fat. Anaerobic exercises are the most effective fat buring exercises for both the Liver body types and Thyroid body types. Both aerobic and anaerobic exercise can be an effective fat burning exercise for athletes and young people with a high metabolism regardless of their specific body type.

In summary, for adrenal body types the most effective fat burning exercises are aerobic exercises, for the liver and thyroid body types the most effective fat burning exercises are anaerobic exercises, while the ovary body types will have success with both aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

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