The EFT Abundance Formula: Four Tips for Transforming Your Life

Posted on March 15, 2011
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An abundant and rewarding life–these are two of the topmost things we desire for ourselves and those we love. The secret to attracting abundance with EFT is taking initiative and getting the Law of Attraction to operate for you. This EFT abundance formula holds the secret.

Firstly, what is EFT?

The Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, consists of tapping on certain points on your face and upper body to let go of painful negative emotions. These are the bad feelings–such as anger, fear, phobias, sadness, among others–that block you from manifesting your goals.

A lot of people dub EFT as a modern miracle, because outcomes can be virtually immediate. It is simple to understand, and pretty much everyone can learn how to do the steps. And when you understand how the process works, producing results using the EFT abundance formula usually just takes about fifteen minutes a day.

The EFT Abundance Solution

1. Determine what you want in life. Ask yourself, “If you didn’t have any restrictions of place, time, or money, what location would you choose, how would you spend your time, and what things would you choose to have?”

Every person has a purpose for being alive, and something to offer to the world. Here’s the key to knowing what this reason for being is: pay attention to your heart. It is where your genuine desires reside. Think of the opportunities that feel most exciting and joyful in your heart and list all of them in your journal.

2. Understand what money means to you. We all have unique concepts of the significance of money–power, stability, pleasure, and a lot more. Ask yourself: “If you want to have abundance, what does it represent to you?”

You might not need any money to attain a number of these things. With issues like low vitality or wanting to feel more confident, you may just need to liberate yourself from emotional blocks using EFT. In fact, more money won’t eliminate all of your problems. Clearing them is an essential part of the EFT Abundance Blueprint.

3. Stay optimistic! This is how attracting abundance with EFT sets the Law of Attraction into action. Fill yourself with positive energy, whether it is with your feelings or thoughts.

Be deliberate in incorporating these positive thoughts throughout the day. Keep in mind that if you imagine negative possibilities, you will attract a lot more of what you are thinking about. On the other hand, if you fill your mind with positive ideas, then you will attract more positive things.

Negative thoughts and concerns about money hinder abundance. You can use EFT frequently to remove blockages, like feelings of lacking money or fears of losing the money you currently possess.

4. Point out to yourself what you desire during the day. To stay focused, keep notes in areas where you will view them during the day, for instance on your office desk, the bathroom mirror, and the door to the frig.

Using this EFT Abundance Formula, you have the power to turn your life around. You and you alone can take control of your success.

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