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Posted on March 12, 2011
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Entrepreneur Greg Habstritt and the company he founded called SimpleWealth Inc are launching a new training program that is designed to help you start a thriving business by becoming a trusted expert in virtually any field you choose to tackle. He created the formula using the experience he gained building $200 million dollars worth of businesses over a 20 year period. The Authority Formula has already been tested to create authorities in multiple markets and will help you become an authority (and make money) no matter what market you are in.

Authority Formula Review

Below you will find a review of what you will get when you buy The Authority Formula.
* 12 Incredibly comprehensive training modules, delivered over a 12 week period which walk them through every element of building their business and becoming the Trusted Authority. Each module has several video training sessions, and comes complete with the MP3 audio version, word-for-word transcripts, and assignments and exercises, all downloadable from a private member training site.
* There will also be weekly question and answer calls with Greg Habstritt which aer normally only open to his private coaching clients who pay over $20,000 to get his advice
* Participation in Live “Hot Seat” Calls,where Greg goes 1-on-1 with students and does a live coaching session – again, the only way they can get something like this outside his high priced coaching program)
* 12 “Trusted Authority Interview” Sessions,where Greg does an in-depth interview with a variety of people who are considered the Trusted Authority in their marketplace, and gets them to reveal their greatest secrets and lessons that our students can model and learn from

* There will also be a 3 Step Quick Start program which will help students find their strengths and interests so they can start developing their inner expert.

There will be a lot more information once the launch starts. Greg and his team will be creating a series of educational videos to get you started on your journey to becoming an Authority figure. Make sure to visit to get the links for all these videos.

* Video 1 will be available to watch around March 1
* Video 2 will be released approximately March 3
* Video 3 will be available to view around March 5
* Video 4 will be released approximately March 8

Once all the details are released, we will also announce a special Authority Formula Bonus for everybody who buys through our link at . Thanks for visiting and check back often for all the details.

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