Ten Great Tips On Working Mums To Follow On Twitter

Posted on August 13, 2010
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From time to time, we all need a bit of inspiration. Sometimes we can feel as if we are on our own in this difficult and demanding world. Could it be that you are the only working mum who is struggling to find a way forward, battling to balance social life, work and the difficulties of bringing up children? If we are all honest, we all go through these ups and downs and question the meaning of it all, so it is good to see how others operate, to give us a little bit of extra motivation to shake it off and resume the battle!

Due to the social media revolution, we are able to interact with others in such a positive way. Now, we are able to take a glimpse into the lives of complete strangers and to really expand our social circles by interacting with other, like-minded mums.

One of the best social networks is, of course, Twitter and we have looked for some inspirational working mums within. See if you can find some inspiration from these women’s tweets, but in the meantime why not use the vast power of the Internet to line up some online coaching to inspire you? Thankfully, professional coaching can be a vital tool in your arsenal!

Nadine Hill (@businessmum) from the north of England lists some of her talents as “plate spinner, fashion lover, biz owner” and she is also an entrepreneurial speaker. She has written several books and is adept at multitasking, balancing her roles of business owner and being a modern mum.

Carolyne Wahlen (@preventativehr) runs a business specialising in employment contracts, human resource outsourcing and measures to avoid those potentially damaging issues with employees. Carolyne lives in Reading, can speak German fluently and is also involved with Brownie duties in addition to being a working mum.

Angie Stewart (@angiejstewart) has set up a business consultancy with her husband. Somehow she is also able to manage the Live Covers Band and Kill The Jukebox, while also bringing up two boys.

Nobody is prouder than Brigitte Mehr (@brigittemehr) as we build our entrepreneurial dreams. She is involved in a great deal, writing a successful blog giving top Internet marketing strategies to us all, while collecting designer handbags on the one hand and promoting online coaching and mentoring on the other.

Astrology is a fascinating pastime, teaching us about the phases of the moon, asteroid identification, eclipses and the millions of stars in the sky. This outreaching Welsh mum (@serennu) also operates @astrologyblog and has an interest in music and comedy.

Angela Griffin (@angela_griffin) is a thirty something mum of two, who makes a living as an actress and television presenter for Britain’s Sky TV. Fans of Coronation Street will remember her as the hairdresser Fiona.

If you want to find out how to manage money effectively and to free up your life for what you want, then Tina Weeks is the financial life planner for you. She is the Finance Coach (@thefinancecoach) and is based in Barnet, London.

On a serious note, if you are really looking for some inspiration, you should read all about Sarah E Andrews (@sarahsaner), who writes all about her fight with and victory over cancer, even as she developed her career as an aspiring fiction writer and balanced her time as a busy mum.

If you really want some freedom, you should aspire to be a digital nomad. Lea Woodward (@leawoodward) has been able to do just that, as she does not live in any one particular location. This business model works exceptionally well for her, even as a busy mum and she wants to help everybody find out all about this option.

Michelle Dale (@miss_Friday) used her experience in career development and her passion for travel to help her establish a successful Virtual Assistance business. For the entrepreneur, she is the Girl Friday!

Amanda Alexander is Director of Coaching Mums and a highly acclaimed ICF-accredited coach who delivers professional coaching programmes to working mums who yearn for success, balance and fulfilment. Are you a juggling mom? Download our free eBook for working moms that will give you 5 simple and instant ways to balance your life right now!

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