Taking Weight Loss Pills If You Have A Thyroid Problem

Posted on April 1, 2011
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If a person has a thyroid problem they might want to think twice about using over the counter weight loss pills. People might not be helping themselves. People need to be aware of the possible interactions of the over the counter supplements with the pills that are prescribed for their condition. If the weight loss pills interfere with the prescriptions a person might not be controlling the hormone levels that they need to. In order to minimize some of the effects of the interaction a person should take them separately and give them time to be absorbed in the body before taking the next one. In order for a person to mix these two medications they need to have their thyroid checked more frequently to ensure that the thyroid medication is still doing what it is supposed to be doing and to adjust it if necessary.
Make surer that when you choose an over the counter medication it has been checked by the federal government. Not every product that receives the approval is going to be something that a person can take especially when they are on other medications. It is better if a person does not take the pills at the same time but they can do more. A health professional can advise a person about the safety of the combination of the prescription and other drugs that a person is taking. When a person talks to a doctor they can find out how the two drugs can interact and what effect they might have on their body.
Very fat people are the ones that the weight loss pills are designed for. They can be helpful for people who struggle with hypothyroidism and also struggle with weight issues. The problem is, the claims made about these drugs can be overly hyped and the proper warnings are not heeded by those who are desperate to loose weight and since weight gain is often one of the symptoms of low thyroid condition that a person faces and if a person has a low functioning or slow thyroid, they might find that it is very difficult to lose weight and any product that claims that you will be able to lose weight without effort on your part is very attractive although it is also usually misleading.
Over the years the government has stopped the sale of certain over the counter medications due to serious health risks that have be attributed to them. How much more dangerous was it for those who were on thyroid medication? It is not always a good idea to use an over the counter medication that says it can do more than anything else and is overly hopeful about how it will affect a person. The best way to control weight is through diet and exercise. Any product that claims it can do it without that could be dangerous to take.
Some people might turn to low thyroid diet pills that promise to not only help a person control their thyroid but also help control their weight, but for some people the unpleasant side effects that include diarrhea, cramping, bloating and abdominal discomfort, that are sometimes worse than any benefits that the pills give and could possibly interfere with any prescription medicine that a person is taking to control the hormone output of their thyroid.
Thyroidism can cause both unexplained weight gain and unexplained weight loss. The extra pounds may be unwanted by a person but they have to be aware of what is causing it and how they should correct the problem.Losing or gaining the weight back might be a high priority for an individual but it is also something to be cautious about. Over the counter medications could be all that a person has to do. If a person chooses they can control the weight in other ways. It is better to try to lose weight naturally. A healthy lifestyle is not only good for a person’s body shape but can also be used to correct the other problems that the thyroidism is causing them.

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