Swimming To Get Fit

Posted on November 6, 2010
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If you are looking for a way to get fit, try swimming. It uses the entire body. Swimmers can incorporate some abdominal exercises both in and out of the water. Working out your midsection with a pool can help a person achieve total body fitness. Runners can use the pool for workouts that get them off of their feet and reduce stress on their joints while still providing excellent training.

Stand up while in the water

You can stand up while exercising. Although we were taught to float on our stomachs, there are other ways to move around in the pool that are very effective in a pool. A person will find out they are getting a workout because they are standing in the water and this requires an effort from a person which means they are getting exercise. If you are not that good at swimming there are devices that can help you stay afloat even if you can not touch the bottom. If you can walk from one side of the pool to the other, you will feel the effect of the water. The hard part to remember is to stay upright. Do not let your body float in the water as this takes away from the effectiveness of your workout.

Abdominal workouts involve more than just the traditional six pack ab exercise program, so in that vertical position you can also work the transverse abdominis or TVA muscle and when the TVA pulls the abdominal wall inward, forces expiration and is one of the muscles that keeps the abdominals flat. You will not be able to see this at work in your stomach area, but it will have a big effect.

While vertical in the pool, lift the legs up in a bent knee position. If this is too difficult to do, a person can raise one leg at a time. A person will feel the muscles in their midsection being used as they try to raise their legs without letting their chest area move around.
Do some laps
People on message boards such as the biggest loser weight loss forum talk about how swimming always works those abs because a swimmer cannot stay on the surface if the ab muscles are not engaged so while you are swimming, think about keeping the abs engaged at all times, and when swimming in a prone position, such as freestyle or butterfly, think about lifting the belly button towards the back, or pressing it downward. This will lift the hips towards the surface as well, allowing you to swim more efficiently. This workout is great for your abs. The whole torso swings back and forth through the water. Each time someone pulls their body they are also flexing their midsection. Because of that, as a person swims they are also exercising their midsection.
On the pool deck
Dry land exercises should also be incorporated into a water based ab workout. On the pool deck do a series of plank exercises. By assuming this position a person will be able to support their midsection. Get down on elbows and toes and balance in a plank position. It is very important to keep the correct posture Try the same move on the side, while balanced on one forearm and the feet.

All exercise programs should include a proper diet and swimming is no different so a person should make sure that they are taking in enough calories and that they do not try to lose weight fasting as they are working out if they really want to get a flat stomach and a perfect set of abs.

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