Substitute Plucking And Waxing For Permanent Hair Removal

Posted on February 21, 2011
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It is highly advisable for people who pluck or shave everyday to have a permanent hair removal. Waxing or electrolysis brings about too much pain and inconvenience as well. The best solution to this is lasers. The results of waxing can only last for a month. A process that brings about permanent results is electrolysis but this can result into scarring after.

Cooling mechanisms, the second approach for cooling the skin, allow dermatologists to use higher energies because the skin is protected. Do not attempt to use cold gel because this can heat up your skin very quickly. Dynamic spray, cold air machines or direct contact can be used instead of cold gel. This article is about laser hair removal and more info found at ipl hair removal.

It is a must to ask for the testimonies of three non-opinion leader doctors who have used this laser system that you are about to buy. Ask the doctors if the laser system was able to generate 90% permanent destruction, if the customers are happy about its results and it is economical and effective. Since dynamic cooling is quite expensive to run, what other physicians do is that they turn it off.

Ask the doctor too if the patient has any hormonal problem. One has to undergo hormonal evaluation after history and physical exams about the person’s hormonal problem. Once the first procedure has been done, look closely at the skin and point out immediately if there are scars or color changes. Patients should not have laser hair removal if they are taking Accutane, gold therapy, and other medications because of the risk of pigmentary changes or scars.

Never make promises during the consultation. Tell how your experience to the patients was. Photograph the area and test the skin first. Take note of the area that you are treating. The way you see a bikini line may be different from a patient’s perspective. For more information on laser hair removal check out laser hair removal adelaide.

The first step that you should do before you undergo laser hair removal is to apply sunscreen first. The reason for this is that patients who have a tan cannot be treated. While having consultation, let patients know that they have to shave their skin. At the time of the treatment, draw a line around the area you will treat. Use a mirror to show the patient the area.

After doing the treatment, inform the patients that the area will be red in a while. If patients tend to experience other reaction aside from reddening, tell them to instantly contact you. Most of the time, women would like to get their hair removed in the face, armpits, bikini line, under the belly button, around the breasts, legs, arms, and lower back according to doctors. The places where men would like their hair to be removed are between the eyes, above the beard line, around the ears and on the back.

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