Stunning Hairstyles At The Golden Globes Red Carpet

Posted on February 2, 2011
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One more year and again we have some superstars wearing their breathtaking hairstyles on the red carpet. Because superstars are fashionable and sport the latest trends quite often we turn to them for some ideas. Here are a few hairstyles that truly took our breath away.

Stunning Ponytails

One has to admit that Jennifer Lopez continually looks unique on the red carpet but certainly in no way disappoints. By using a ponytail she pulled it off once again. Another a little bit different version of the ponytail was worn by Piper Perabo, and it also looked very elegant. The next time you can’t determine what to do with your hair just pull it back and there you go.

French Twist

This is such a classic style and will never be dated. It is rather simple but exquisite and timeless. Two superstars who looked fab were Carrie Underwood and Eva Longoria.

Beautiful Bangs

Let’s mention Olivia Wilde first, who carries her bangs just right. Then again there was Sandra Bullock, but it really didn’t go down so well, however , you decide.

Beautiful Locks

Dianna Agron and Megan Fox curled their tresses and each looked very sophisticated.

Short Crop

Michelle Williams and Hale Berry are great instances of short hairstyles.

Then there was Amy Adams who doesn’t go into one of the different types I did, but her hair was amazing.

Hopefully you have found some ideas. If you fancy one of these excellent styles but you are not sure whether or not this will look as good on you then visit my website and see how you will look with one of these super hairstyles .

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