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Posted on October 14, 2010
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One suggestion that is often made for a person who is trying to lose weight is to begin their diet with a fast. Some people believe it is the best way to fit into an outfit for a special occasion that is rapidly approaching. A fasting diet often times involves not eating anything at all. There are some forms of fasting require only that certain foods be restricted. A conservative fasting program under the supervision of a qualified health care professional may be an effective solution to losing weight.
It is important to understand what fasting to lose weight will require and the best way for a person to do that is to talk to people who have used this method in the past by checking out what is being said on message boards like the biggest loser weight loss forum, where a person can find many people who have succeeded and failed with this. A person should be aware of the facts. There are a couple of key items that everyone should know.
One- Understand the difference between different types of diets. Make sure you pick one that will fit into your lifestyle. If it is too difficult for you to adjust to, you will not succeed.
Two- Experiment with several shorter fasts before beginning a long period of fasting to see how your body reacts to trying to lose weight fasting and make sure that you are not doing things that will cause more health problems in the future. People’s body react to these programs in different manners, so people do not always achieve the same results. Pick the program that will fit for you.
Three- Clean out your bowels when you are going to start a program. One of the problems that is faced by people fasting is an upset stomach and this can alleviate that problem. A trip to the nearby pharmacy will provide a person with a plethora of options to do this before they start their diet. The advice of a health professional is very helpful for someone who is considering this option.
Four- Do not forget about your regular life as you diet. Are you still going to be able to accomplish the things you must do every day? Ask the people around you if they will be supportive and sensitive to your needs if you do go on a fast.
For a simple fast a person can try the following. In order to lose weight, though a person must include some type of physical activity even while they are fasting and although they may not be able to do a complete six pack ab exercise program as they do normally they must still find some time to get at least a little exercise.
A. Include at least 64 ounces of filtered water into your daily plan if not more. No matter what kind of program someone is following, the need for lots of fluid is still a key to the success of the program. Make sure that the water is filtered in some way before drinking it. There are plenty of things in unfiltered water that are poisons to are body and negatively affect the weight loss process.
B.You can start and stop your fasting. By alternating between a fast and a regular diet, there are some who have found this to be very effective for weight loss. This can be better than fasting for a long period of time.
C. After completing a program, think about what you are going to eat. Start out with a light snack to begin with. Continue to eat small snacks at first and gradually work your way up to your full meals that you are used to.
Following one of these programs can help, but a person needs to learn to make the right choices about food. The fat that has grown around our midsection is a result of the way they we ate and exercised. Any one who continues to follow a lifestyle that is full of these types of decisions will struggle with weight issues. And then it will be time for a new fast.

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