Staying In Shape By Playing Video Games

Posted on November 10, 2010
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Keeping healthy is a big factor in today’s economy. The video game industry is becoming a major player in the fitness business. With the explosion of the video game industry, the manufacturers have found many uses for them to help maintain the health of the American people.
Interactive video gaming systems like the Nintendo Wii or the xbox 360 kinect use games to provide exercises in aerobics, balance, strength training and yoga and the can also measures players’ Body Mass Index while creating a personally tailored workout program of gradually more challenging exercises, dispensing health and fitness tips along the way as a person develops the body that they want.
Tight budgets and limited time are reducing physical-education programs in America’s school systems and to help keep children fit, many schools are discovering that a relatively low xbox 360 kinect price can help them promote increased activity and generate excitement among children and adults.
Students aren’t the only ones using video games to stay fit. The concept is also being embraced by seniors and personal trainers. The idea is that people can exercise in a fun way and this concept is good for the young and old alike.
There are other ways that the video platforms can help a person keep their body fit and trim besides exercising. The computer games that are available can help teach 9 and 10-year-olds about nutrition and exercise.
Traditionally a source for diversion, computer and video games in recent years have taken on a special meaning for individuals whose lives have been altered by injury or illness and with the upcoming xbox 360 kinect release date more people will have a chance to find out how beneficial these platforms can be. Rehab professionals have found that these interactive platforms are very good in getting their patients moving better. The gaming platforms can help a person make the rehab process more fun and will help them put in the maximum effort needed to get better.
The military has found a use for these platforms to help people who have been exposed to very stressful situations. The game takes exposure therapy to a new level. When they play the games, the people who are suffering will be able to deal with the stressful things in a way that can be monitored completely.
Video games have been used for exposure therapy. People can experience situations that they need to face without all of the dangers that a real life scenario can present. The effort is designed to help patients build tolerance to previously uncontrollable cravings.
For people who have weakness or ailments such as arthritis, there has been some work done that shows that video games can help. In the studies, the patients used different games for one half hour every day. People were able to do things with their hands easier after they had used the video games for a while and were more able to function on a regular basis.
There are a lot of different ways that a person can use these systems to stay healthy besides the few that have been mentioned. There are many other reasons for a person to consider purchasing one of them. Because of the ability to play online, people can play with others without leaving their home. In the end, the biggest benefit of the gaming systems is the fun that they bring. People enjoy playing the games. It does not matter how young or old you are, there is something to enjoy. Finding simple pleasures is sometimes what life is all about.

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