Some Of The Reasons The Elderly Play Video Games

Posted on February 5, 2011
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The way that I do things is okay with me. Even as I have become a senior citizen, I still am able to find many things that I like to do. I still find enjoyment in doing something that is also enjoyed by a younger generation. When Christmas rolled around this year we were able to surprise our grandchildren with one of the motion gaming systems and with the recent xbox 360 kinect release date we were able to get him something that not all of his friends had, but the amazing part was how much fun it was for me to play the games with my grandchildren.

When I was younger, I remember playing video games. They are not the same as the games that are being played today. My first gaming platform was a clunky system that played only one game. I could tell right away that the newer platforms were nothing like what I first had. No longer was I going to have to have a controller in my hand. These games moved as I moved. In order to play the games, we had to get up and move. Playing video games was going to better than ever because of this.

Once the gift was open by the youngsters and after they set it up we all took turns playing with it. When I played, I could feel my heart pumping. It was making me sweat, and I did not mind. We knew what we had to do after playing the games on that Christmas morning and a couple of more times when we had the chance. We had to get one of the game systems for ourselves. We felt that it would help our bodies and would be fun for us to do. We were not to be disappointed.

There were three different systems for us to choose from, the Nintendo Wii, the Playstation Move, and the xbox 360 kinect, and there seemed to be good things and bad things about each system but in the end we chose the Xbox since that is what my grandchildren already had and they would be able to enjoy it whenever they came over to visit at our house. We were able to find an exercise game and some party games to go with our new system.

Once we had the system set up we tried the exercise game. I was amazed because it seemed so interactive. After a while my spouse saw what I was doing and decided she would like to try it. It was great to be able to do it together. We were also not affected by the weather. We had often used the weather outside as a reason to stay home and sit in front of the television to watch a movie rather than doing some type of exercise. This was not going to work anymore thanks to the games. In just a couple of weeks of using the game we began to see how our bodies were benefiting from the activity. It is hard for any one to deny the benefits of regular physical activity. After awhile, we told others about what we were doing and they got interested in joining us in our fitness regimen

The most unexpected thing about becoming a gamer again was how many people wanted to play with us and the fun of doing it with them. As a gamer in my youth, my time was spent alone when playing games. Gamers now are much more social. You do not even have to be in the same room to be able to play a game with a friend or a relative if you want to. I have a connection with a lot of people that has been started or strengthened through the use of the gaming platform. It is a very pleasant side effect.

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