Should You Diet During Christmas

Posted on December 5, 2010
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Christmas is know for the celebrations that surround it. This usually means a lot of eating, especially of high fat foods. Most of us put off making any plans to diet or exercise until our New Year’s resolution but rather than limiting what we eat during the holidays a little bit and following a sensible diet plan for the new year we turn to tricks and gimmicks and try to find out how to lose weight fast without exercise and pills or through some other special method that does not require effort and will probably fail. There is nothing good that comes out of procrastinating and it should not be done.

1. When people think of the holiday season they think of the food that is to be prepared and much of that is not healthy for people to eat. Think about it, most of us are making New Year’s resolutions because we ate and partied so much during the holiday season, so just think if we start watching what we eat during the holidays we will get the jump on the New Year, and may not even have to find a plan that shows us ho9w to lose weight fast.

2. It is much easier to deal with the pounds that are added if you look at them in the larger perspective of how much you have gained or lost since the last holiday season. Do not be concerned if during one week you gain several pounds. If you lose weight in the weeks before or after a holiday than you will not notice a difference. To lose weight a person has to commit to a longer period of time. Think about this time of year as a whole when it comes to staying fit and trim.

3. Are we really going to be more satisfied eating 20 cookies than 10? Just by cutting our consumption of deserts in half we can make a huge reduction in calories compared to previous years. And this is with still eating deserts. You do not have to eliminate the foods that you crave. You just should not overindulge in anything.

4. There are lots of substitutes for the high fat desserts that we are used to. A person can find many cookbooks that specialize low fat foods that taste great. Just because something is sweet does not mean that it is high in calories. Fresh fruit can be enjoyed. It is all about making the right choices.

5. Turn the twenty five days of Christmas into the Twelve days of Christmas. If you eat normally during the days you don’t celebrate and don’t try to pile on extra the days you do to make up for it, this could result in a 50% reduction in calorie intake from previous holiday seasons and if you reduce the calories you take in over the holidays you will not be searching the internet to find out how to lose weight fast without exercise once the holidays are over and you step on the scale to see how much you have gained.

6. To stay fit and trim a person needs to do the right things on a year round basis and this includes the holidays. There is no reason to put it off until next year.

7. It is important to think about how your body will feel if you are able to control how fit you stay through the Christmas season. Your body will thank you many times over the years to come if you make these changes.

If you convinced yourself that making healthier choices is your goal, and if you have prepared a plan of action, then you are do not put it off any longer.

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