Short Term Goals

Posted on January 21, 2011
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Personal and professional life depends on goal setting now more than ever. The importance to plan, stick to the plan, and adjust it as you progress and finally reach the goal represents important steps of the way. But while planning, one may realize that there are things that he or she may want to achieve in a relatively short period of time while others are planned over a longer interval. This is what makes the difference between short term goals and long term ones.

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Some people will say that short term goals must be defined according to the plan created when they are set in the first place. Projects that are envisaged for no more than a month could be described as short term goals, but beyond six months or more, you are already looking at long term ones. What they fail to see, is that you cannot speak about short term goals without having in mind long term ones.

We can only think and plan the former against the background of the latter. For example, you could measure short term aims for yourself in days while someone else will measure their own aims of this kind in months or even in years; that is why the relativity concept in defining short term goals as done in the previous paragraph has a very important role.

One essential aspect to take into consideration when setting short term goals is the necessity to stay specific and very realistic in terms of planning. If you think that teaching your students past tense during the following week is a well defined and smart goal, you will probably not be able to achieve it. You need to think these types of goals in even more specific terms.

Teach the difference between regular and irregular verbs next Tuesday morning in class between 9 and 11: here is the realistic version of the plan presented above. In this last example, the planner has set upon something that is small indeed realistic and achievable for a two hour period. That is probably one of the short term goals included in a larger plan or long term goal of enabling foreign students to learn how to use past tense forms of verbs after teaching, reinforcing, practicing and testing for at least several weeks of an English course.

Hoping that this has made clear the difference between short term goals and long term ones, the only thing left is to advise you to stick to the plans you have made and demonstrate perseverance in order to achieve success.

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