Santa Did Well This Year

Posted on January 28, 2011
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For Christmas this year we decided to get my son a video game system. They did not say what kind to get. It seemed that the choices between the different platforms was not going to be simple to figure out. So I went on a mission to make sure that I made the right choice.

In the store, it seemed like I was overloaded with choices that include the xbox 360 kinect, the Nintendo Wii, or the Playstation move, or I could opt or a handheld system like the PSP, or the Nintendo DS, or we could get a smartphone that has all sorts of application that a person can enjoy so in the end the choice was not going to be as simple as I thought and I would have to find a way to break it down.

The first section I went to look at was the smartphones. Because of the age of my child, I was afraid that a phone was the wrong thing. It was something that could be lost or broken easily. There would have to be some type of service plan for any phone I chose. It would also require one of the more expensive plans in order to play games. The games also seemed a little limited. I came to the conclusion that this option would not give my son what he would need.

Next I went over to the full sized gaming platforms and with the recent xbox 360 kinect release date, there were basically three fro me to choose form and they all had different advantages and disadvantages to them according to the salesman, and in order to decide what was best it would be a matter of the age of the user, the types of games that they like to play and how experienced a gamer they are. The Wii is the oldest of the motion gaming systems and is well suited for kids of all ages. The Xbox allows a serious gamer to fully enjoy many games. Xbox lets people connect to others through the internet. For the most realistic video a person can turn to the Sony platform. There were plenty of titles available for all of the platforms.

It was important to think about the budget as I shopped. I also saw that I would be able to spend a small fortune on many things besides the system itself. The games were about the same price for all three systems. You could also spend money buying credits that the user could use when the console was connected to the internet. This was another cost that would need to be factored into my decision. I had seen enough of these platforms and decided to look at the portable gaming systems.

These types of systems also allowed a person to buy different games. The biggest advantage is that they could be played anywhere. Not only did they have the ability to connect wirelessly to other similar systems, they could be played without that connection. There were some things about being able to play anywhere that I liked and some things that I did not like. Just like the cell phones that ability meant that the games could be broken or left somewhere.

All I had seen led me to the Microsoft Xbox. It is hard to say what made us come to this choice. It could be that Santa picked it. Fortunately, the smile on my son’s face was very evident Christmas morning. Since he opened the present, he has been playing constantly. Santa definitely did it right this year.

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