Relationship Advice To Creating The Ideal Romanace

Posted on February 27, 2011
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We share lots of relationship advice with lots of people and we would like to ask you, “Have you ever noticed that relationships seem to follow a worryingly similar disastrous cycle for yourself or perhaps people you know? The first stage is you meet someone, they are a bit saucy and before you know it you fall in love! Then comes the second all too familiar stage, you can’t believe your bad luck because they are just the same as all the rest

And before we know it we are back in the third stage, the I’m not bothered, see if I care, there is plenty more fish in the sea stage! Gaining strength and solace for the next couple of weeks or perhaps months in some cases years explaining to family, friends, co-workers maybe even the guy down the pub, all of the reasons that it’s the best thing that it is over and you really didn’t like them anyway.

Once we are done with all of this we are ready for the fourth phase, “Moving On” this can be an incredibly exciting and rewarding phase just as long as that other person didn’t manage to get to the fourth phase before you! as that could cause you to go right back to phase three. Assuming all is well then we are back into it, back at a fresh phase one.

Are you starting to get the picture, have you noticed yet, that there is definitely a pattern and the only common theme in the ongoing pattern is in-fact YOU

Lots of modern day relationship advice will happily tell you “it’s not you” The thing is if it truly is not you then it must be them and if it is them what on earth can you do about it, the answer is nothing, if it is all their fault then you are powerless to create any sort of change. Don’t allow yourself to give away your personal power, don’t give your control to them.

Here at Relationship Training Systems we like to empower you and we know you are at cause for all you create, all of your beliefs about what you deserve and who you truly are, are filtered by your past experiences. All that you believe to be true for you by need must be manifested into your life The good news is that you are at cause for all you have in life, the bad news is that you are at cause for all you have in your life! Simply change your beliefs and you truly can create all that you want.

Imagine now how you will feel taking our relationship advice and having made the changes to your beliefs that will allow you to have your relationship exactly how you want it to be, a truly magical life awaits you.

We will teach you how to easily let go negative filters from the past allowing freedom to create what you want in the future. Take the first step by visiting and read all about our weekend seminar “Your Relationship by Design” get the relationship advice and information that will create change for you and break your old relationships cycle forever.

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