Reiki Training — Will it give you a new zest in life?

Posted on July 9, 2010
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Quite a few years ago when my wife had finished her reiki training, she asked to give me a reiki session. I was willing to try it although I knew nothing about reiki, and was skeptical. Oh my god after she gave me the session I felt as if my legs were made of spaghetti! I was like a silly child at bedtime, I just couldn’t stop laughing and giggling.

Although her reiki training had been thorough, and she really knew what she was doing, this was just the beginning. Basically the session had opened the emotional flood gates. All the blockages that had been clogging up my aura were now flowing out in torrents. I laughed like a mad man as if I had smoked some weed. I really loved it. It was awesome I felt very strange indeed, but it was nice, and from that moment on we would never look back. Actually every time Daniela would channel something new I would be the first one to be initiated into the energy, and what an adventure to be Daniela’s Ginni-pig 🙂 Reiki training, get it here: reiki training

Today Daniela is one of the most successful spiritual teachers, energy system creators, and karmic psychic psychologist around. She has channeled systems like “WhiteLight Self-Empowerment,” which has spread around the world. She has channeled the grid systems like “Grid Connection the Healing grid,” and “Golden Eye Grid.” She has an innovative website network that covers just about anything you will ever need to know about reiki, energy work, the power of thought in “Ecology Of Thought,” the law of attraction (or better: the law of resonance), and much more; and it all started with Usui reiki.

Before you should consider reiki training here is the background: the concept Reiki (spoken: Ree-Kii) comes from Japanese, and is the expression for the universal life energy.

Reiki is a very old cure, which was known way back, and written in the old Sanskrit Sutras over 2500 years ago. It was rediscovered by Mikao Usui in the 19th century. The Usui System of Reiki is spoken of today, as most people start off with this kind of reiki training. You will like this reiki training: reiki classes

When your reiki training is over, reiki is given to others, or oneself, by gently laying ones hand on or slightly above the body. The one who provides the Reiki-Energy, the giver, is the channel for the energy, and through the hand this energy is given to the receiver.

At a physical level reiki is relaxing and pleasant. Reiki on the emotional level creates confidence in oneself, and in others. It helps to feel more balanced, and strengthen the zest for life. Working on the mental level, it helps you to cope with everyday stress better.

There are lots of new forms of Reiki. You don’t need this simple reiki training anymore when starting out, but some recommend it. For example: Usui-Reiki, Komyo Kai Reiki, Karuna Reiki or Shamballa Reiki. No System is better than others. In my experience all the different forms of Reiki work together very well. But there are similar systems that are purer and more powerful like WhiteLight Self-Empowerment. Get great reiki training here: learn reiki

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