Reiki Calgary And New Age Calgary — From Europe To Calgary

Posted on August 13, 2010
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If you want the New Age Reiki Calgary experience then you have found it? There is no doubt in my mind that reiki is for you a perfect place to start your personal spiritual journey. Yet reiki is not the last thing you should do for this journey either.

Which offer to choose from when looking for reiki Calgary, and new age Calgary? If you want one of the most experienced reiki masters around, check out Daniela at

Many years ago in Europe her great spiritual journey also began with Usui Reiki. She has gone a long way since then. Today she has become one of the most respected spiritual counselors and psychic psychologist in Germany. She has many highly respected and practised energy systems like WhiteLight-Self Empowerment, Matrix 7, and the Healing Grids.

She now lives in Calgary, and let me tell you this is great news for New Age Calgary, and Reiki Calgary. Why? You now have the opportunity to learn reiki, or have a past life regression, an aura balancing, do trance dance, learn shamanic techniques, experience Ecology Of Thought, learn Ra-Sheeba, or just have a healing session, Daniela has a lot to offer!

This is an awesome opportunity to experience New Age Calgary, or Reiki Calgary if this is what you are after.

Reiki really is one of the best places to start you on the first step of your journey. It may begin there and continue like Daniela’s did.

You will know if she is right for you if you search your soul, look inside.

Daniela brings a great deal of quality to Reiki Calgary, and New age Calgary. She has years of experience and a long list of seminars, and offers aura photography.

Her reiki courses are original as she introduces her highly trained intuition. She tailors her Reiki Calgary course to fit each student. What is great is that her classes are small and personal.

What I would suggest is that If you decide to learn reiki, go to and visit Daniela to see if she is the right teacher for you. Not every teacher will be right for you so please follow your intuition when making this decision. But you did find this post, right? So perhaps your heart might already be leading you down the right path. It is time to try out New Age Calgary, Reiki Calgary right now!

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