Raise Your Pitch by Taking Singing Lessons

Posted on July 4, 2010
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Taking vocal training in LA will help you make it big as a singer. The competition in LA can get pretty tight in entertainment. In fact, the city of Angels is the center of the movie industry. If you want to get ahead you need strict singing lessons in LA. Who can tell, but maybe the vocal lessons can land you a singing career in the Los Angeles Music Center or the Los Angeles Music Hall.

There are a lot of hype around voice lessons – learn to sing like a star, learn how to enhance your pitch by 2 octaves, learn to sing rock and roll. Allow me to fight the hype by telling you what you can expect during voice lessons. A word of warning, though. Find a vocal coach who practices what he or she is teaching. Among the many trainers, it is better to find a voice coach that will fit your needs.

What can you expect from a voice lesson? Breathing exercises are the basics that a good voice coach should teach you. It is expected that you could damage your vocal cords when you did not have previous singing training. Without injury to your voice, you can raise your pitch as taught by a vocal coach.

During 2 to 3 months, your lessons will mostly focus on correcting bad habits. Quitting is very common for most voice students. Voice lessons are just not as merry and jolly as you might think. You need to work harder if you want to improve your range and power.

Your vocal power and range will already improve during the fourth month. Your bad habits should have been corrected by now. Your determination and commitment to your craft has set you above other singers in terms of technique and knowledge.

Beyond month 4 to 9, you will notice that you no longer feel any strain in your voice even when singing high notes. Significant improvements in your performance will be noticeable to your friends and family. Even you will notice the difference in your performance.

After a year of training, you will be more confident and better at singing. You will be much more conscious about your bad habits. This is good because at the very least, you are aware.

Singing lessons will not turn Britney into Mariah. Commitment and determination is a trait that you need to succeed. If you are willing to be coached, if you are determined to succeed, and if you really want to be a singing star, then you can’t go wrong learning the proper techniques during voice training.

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