Procrastination At Home: Essential Home Organizing Ideas

Posted on September 23, 2008
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Simplifying your life means a simpler, uncluttered style of living.

When your house overflows with objects, it tends to distract you. And we all know what happens when there is too much distraction. It stops you from thinking and acting intelligently, hence you procrastinate.

Go around your house and make a list of everything you don’t really need. For example, do you really need two toasters in the kitchen? One hasn’t been working for months. You either dispose of it or have it fixed.

Ask your husband and children to do an inventory of clutter. Your husband can do the basement and the garage. Your kids can do their bedrooms. State that you require their lists in three days, no later. Explain to them why junk has to be eliminated from the house.

If you explain your intentions clearly, they will understand and would be more willing to cooperate. Tell
them that the house requires a much needed airing, and when all the junk disappears, so will the distractions.

Encourage them not to replace old junk with new junk
It can be a vicious cycle. Just as we manage to rid the house of innecessary items, in come new ones. Explain to your family that there was a specific reason for clearing junk. Old clutter should not be replaced with new clutter. Encourage them to think twice before buying new material possessions. Examples:

• Will I refer to this book more than once, or is it just for one school assignment? Perhaps I can borrow it from the library instead?
• The hubby loves tools. He spends his weekly allowance on them. He just filled up an entire wall with all kinds of tools. Ask him which ones he hasn’t used for 6 months and ask him to consider giving them away.
• The clothes in your closet. Which of them have you not worn for six months? Call the Salvation Army or the recycling center.

When the closet is just half-full, and you can finally see the wall of your closet, you’ll be inspired to re-organize your whole bedroom: dressers, and night table drawers – shoe racks too!

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Budgeting for house expenses is a chore people put off indefinitely. They know something is wrong with the budget; bills mount up and remain unpaid for weeks, and the only time you jolt out of your complacency is when the utility company calls to advise you that power will be cut off in a week if you don’t settle your bill.

It’s not because you have to earn more; it’s because your budget needs fixing. Nurse it back to health. Procrastinating only makes the problem worse. If it’s easy for governments to get into a deficit, it’s even easier for individuals to fall in the same trap.

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    These are great tips to follow when organizing your home. Organizing an entire house cannot easily be done by one person. I agree that those of you who want to get organized need to enlist your family to help. There are tons of storage solutions available at

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