Playing Games For A Party

Posted on February 17, 2011
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My son was approaching his thirteenth birthday. As his birthday approached, we tossed around many ideas for a party before deciding on one. We would have a video game party. The key to the celebration was to go as extreme as we could and we would do our best to accomplish that.

The first thing we would need was going to be some video game platforms, and it was not going to be good enough to only have one, we would have to get a Nintendo Wii, an Xbox 360 Kinect and a Playstation move along with a variety of games for the kids to play and some televisions for them to play on.

I did not think it would be difficult to get the monitors for the different consoles or even hard to get the consoles. It turned out to be more difficult than I thought. I had bought a Nintendo system several years before. I contacted a video game store and asked them if they had the systems to rent and found out they did not have the Xbox Kinect because it was to new and since the Xbox 360 Kinect release date had just passed it would be a while for them to start renting them but they did have titles available for all three of the platforms and it would just be a matter of finding a store that had the titles that I wanted. We did not let that stop us from getting all three platforms. The good things is my son knew plenty of people who have the other platforms and was able to get the platforms from them.

The other part of the gaming equation was getting the monitors to enjoy the games on. Fortunately our home was already equipped with a big lat panel TV and we also had a decent size TV available for another console. For the third television we decided to go all out. We found out that we could rent a 73 inch 3-D television and made the arrangements to do just that. They did not let you rent it for a couple of days, so it stayed in our home for a month. That was just one of the things that would have to be done for the party is what I figured. My wife hated the idea, but it had to be done.

We prepared the house for the onslaught of teenage gamers. The local video store was one of the places that we found some games that the kids would enjoy. The kids who came to the party brought their own gaming supplies with them. When we were digging through the closets we found some handheld gaming systems and some plug and play systems. We set up everything that we had that had anything to do with video games. There was plenty for everyone to play.

As the kids arrived I was amazed at the variety of thing that they brought with them. The number of accessories that these kids had for the games was amazing. Our rooms were full of guns, swords, and everything else imaginable. And then there was the video games that the kids brought with them that was just as vast as the accessories. There was enough to keep this group of kids occupied throughout the entire night.

I did not last the whole night. My son and his guest lasted longer than me. There was not much sleeping that went on. As I cooked some food, they were still playing. When we returned the teenagers to their parents, I am sure that they looked very tired for the rest of the day. The good news is that the party was the talk of the school the next week.

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