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Posted on June 11, 2010
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Whether you’re new to exercising, or you’ve just never really put a plan together, the best way to make cardio exercise a habit is to put together a plan that you can achieve. Whether you’re just starting out or been at it for years, the best way to have an effective workout is to put it into your everyday schedule.

So, you’re trying to lose weight, and are curious to how best to accomplish that goal. You have seen the advertising on websites like and now you want to know the best ways to accomplish this, whether it’s on your treadmill, your elliptical trainer, or your exercise bicycle, and you may have wondered how you put together a program that actually burns fat

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you’re working in the fat burning zone. There are many who think that increasing the tempo of an exercise program will increase the number of pounds that are lost. This is not always true. You can use more calories in a workout that is not at a fast tempo. You can actually use up more stored fat by doing an program that is not as hard even though you are expending extra calories. Getting the right exercise to maximize your weight loss requires a little more effort than doing a six pack ab exercise program before you go to bed, but it is not the hardest thing for a person to figure out.

Find out what how fast you should get your heart beating. What methods are available for someone to discover what that rate is to get the best results? For some general rules a simple search on the internet will give the person the answer to this question. Anybody who is starting a diet and exercise program should consult their physician to make sure it is safe. If you know how hard to work out then it is important for a person to maintain that level whenever they are working out.

When it comes to cardio, it’s up to you and your goals how much you do and how often. In order for a person to lose weight they need to exercise at least every other day for an hour a day. For the fitness novice they might want to begin with a little less strenuous regimen. When you are just starting, exercise for 3 or 4 days and only about 15 minutes at a time. For advise on how to get started a person can turn to message boards like biggest loser weight loss forum where people are willing to give advice about what they have learned and what has worked for them to anyone who wants to read it.

The best way to stick to a weight loss program is to put the times that you will exercise on a colander. Switch the types of exercise that you do. Don’t keep your workouts at the same level every time you work out and your body will respond better. If you overdo it you might find yourself unable to exercise at all. The key to losing weight is to consider your diet and make sure you are active every day. The key to success in weight loss is to approach it as a long term goal not a quick fix. Don’t try to get the results overnight. You don’t have to do a fitness routine all at once, it can be done a couple of times a day. Exercise after every meal if you want. Make sure to make the time in your schedule to exercise. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down for each workout, drink lots of water. A good warmup and cool down is vital to keeping your body healthy. Eat a small, well-balance snack an hour or two before you hit the gym. All of the effort will pay off in the end when you can enjoy a longer, healthier life.

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