Phobias Anxiety Explained In Brief

Posted on March 18, 2011
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It is normal to have innate fears about some things in life. Many of us are afraid of heights, some fear being locked in small places, others fear being amidst a lot of people, and still some are afraid of public speaking. You probably even have friends skipping class or not attending special occasions because they are scared of criticized when they speak in public, they are frightened by the prospects of being humiliated in public, and whenever they muster enough courage to begin their speech, their voice stutters and their face turns a shade of red.

These phobias are realities in life but when you are always faced with the visions of yourself continuously being subjected to the source of your fears, it turns into anxiety and the whole phobia issue becomes more complex. Keep in mind that occasionally getting nervous in social gatherings and the rare public speaking engagements that make you shy or self-conscious at the onset are normal human reactions and they do not constitute social phobia, but if what you feel goes beyond that, when it is already affecting the very fabric of your existence, when you succumb to your phobia/s, you may probably require help in order to combat your anxiety. If your anxiety gets in the way of your everyday functions as a person and it has already reached a point where it is interfering with your daily regimen and causes an enormous amount of stress, then help is absolutely necessary possibly via social phobia treatment.

There are physical symptoms that may manifest in you that are indicative of phobia that has led to anxiety and you would realize that you may require professional help if you see these signs which include twitching, clammy hands, dizziness, muscle tension, shaking, dry mouth syndrome, upset stomach, cold sweats, rapid breathing, tight chest and a pounding heart. There is nothing abnormal about being shy or afraid at the commencement of anything that sows fear inside you but the moment the bodily signs mentioned above becomes evident, and when self-help strategies do not work, then seeking professional help would be the proper approach to this psychological dilemma.

Drastic lifestyle changes may be required to help you assuage the anxiety that is becoming a burden in your existence, coupled with a complete fear overhaul program. You may want to steer clear from alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, and chocolate, stuff that can increase your anxieties.

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