Overcoming Anxiety What’s The Best Anxiety Book?

Posted on January 11, 2011
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The AnxietyBridge.com announces that you can now download a free copy of its original unique eBook for Overcoming Anxiety called “Over The Bridge”

There are so many overcoming anxiety books on the market that it’s difficult to know what the best book for overcoming anxiety is. The anxietybridge.com have discussed this and recommend “Self Help for your Nerves” by Claire Weekes.

Books like these are really good, but are dry, logical and appeal to the analytical part of the brain.

There seems to be a gap in the market when it comes to providing information and techniques in a more ‘empathic’ fashion.
I believe that through stories and journeys, people can vicariously experience overcoming anxiety through a character.

“Over The Bridge” is a book filled with practical wisdom, clear information and techniques all wrapped into a heartwarming tale. It explores the human condition through the use of characters and a wonderful story, taking the reader on a journey of overcoming anxiety.

The advantage of a book like this is that it can be set in a lovely world, and you can associate pleasant feelings with your problems as you overcome anxiety.

The book has been rated most highly by a variety of readers overcoming anxiety.

“I think this book is an excellent read and has been very helpful to me. I adore the little creatures in the book. It’s very cathartic being able to relate to them.” – Kate

Susan says “I think this book is really practical, very easy to read, is a very enjoyable story, and has lots of useful tips”

“I didn’t want to put this book down! A brilliant read!” – Simon

“What I really loved about this book was discovering new insights every time I returned to it. It’s a completely different kind of anxiety book and one I’d highly recommend!” – Jason

What are you waiting for? Head on over to Overcoming Anxiety now and download your free copy of “Over The Bridge” for insights into overcoming anxiety.

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