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Posted on September 8, 2010
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What are you looking for in new age Calgary? New age orientated stores, seminars, workshops, and specialists can be found in Calgary. If you are looking for a big variety of seminars, go to

Yes find great offers for new age Calgary at You will find:

– Aura Photos of different sizes.
– Aura Balancing to harmonize your auras.
– Soul Retrieval, or Soul Hunting.
– Dance of the Shamanic.
– Ra Sheeba.
– Past Life Regression.
– Grid-Connection.
– Grid-Activation.
– WhiteLight Self-Empowerment.
– Ecology of Thought.
– Reiki.
– Binaural Beats.
– The Wild Divine, and Gratitude Meditations, and more.

Most of your new age Calgary workshop needs can be found there, things like reiki, soul hunting, and reconnecting to your higher self and more.

Daniela, who runs, offers small personal groups, or one on one seminars, which is great. This is really a big plus for new age Calgary. She is very intuitive to what you need and she has years of experience.

The aura photography she offers is very cool. I think this is the only place you can get this offer in Calgary.

The cool thing is that she will interpret your colors, not just send you home with a photo, and tell you things about yourself that not even you know about.

A another fun thing to do with aura photography: take your partner to a session. Then you can compare your aura with them to see how compatible your colors are. This can reveal a lot about your relationship.

New age Calgary is great at

Know what you are looking for, this is important when you are looking for new age Calgary. In the esoteric scene people tend to drift from one thing to the next. They have no direction.

If you listen to your intuition, you will know where to start, it just might be at or elsewhere in Calgary.

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