My Life As A Fat Person

Posted on September 3, 2010
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For all of those who are not vastly overweight, the struggles that an overweight person goes through are completely foreign. I am prepared to share the complete, brutal, admittedly terrible truth with everyone.

|We can begin with the most obvious, appearance.|The first thing people see is how I look, so that is where I’ll start.|People are usually judged by the way they look, and that is first on my list.} A person can look at their image in the bathroom and dream. The image that we see in the mirror is never going to appear in a positive way. It is almost impossible to look past the obvious and find the beauty that we know is hidden somewhere. You can apply makeup, and help make yourself look better to a certain degree, but you know that no one is going to compliment your shade of lipstick today. It does not matter how hard we try and how nice or expensive our outfit is, the rolls of fat seem to appear everywhere and are impossible to ignore. You determine that the best way to survive is to not look at yourself throughout the day and hope that no one else notices either.

You leave for work. Even though your job does not require too much physical activity, even the slightest activity turns your face a bright red from the effort. You eat your lunch, but regardless of what you decide to have, you know that people are silently judging you and sometimes you think that maybe you should avoid all food and try to lose weight fasting. , but you know that it will never work for you.

You try going to a mall to relax. It becomes discouraging that there is not a place that had the types of things that will fit you, and you stay away. Just by passing by the shop and looking at the displays in the window, you realize that it is a waste of your time. You realize that the largest size they carry is a 12, and since you are a 28, there is no way that is happening. You may find a few items that could potentially look okay on you and you say a prayer as you take them to the fitting room. As is usually the case, looking at the clothing in the mirror brings disappointment. The fact that you are overweight is not changed because of what you are wearing.

Everything a fat person does requires more thought than is required of people who are a normal weight. When you take a ride in a friends car you worry that you will not be able to fit in the backseat.

Then there’s your health that you deal with because your knees creak under your added weight, and your feet swell and throb due to the extra pressure placed on your feet, and your back hurts all the time because of the extra girth you place on your poor vertebrae, and you cannot even do a simple six pack ab exercise program that you used to do when you were younger.

Your friends and family are supportive and you know they love you but they will not let you forget, not even for a moment, how much weight you’ve gained or how much better you would look if you lost some weight and even though you turn to message boards like biggest loser weight loss forum where there are people who are just like you, you seldom find the support you really need. This is the reality of being obese. I live through this all of the time. {Maybe not everyday, but just enough days to make you really seriously consider becoming a hermit.|Sometimes it can be forgotten and a good time can be had, but then reality comes back and wants to make you hide in a closet somewhere.|For the most part, we do not like to live our lives this way, although happiness does find our way intermittingly.

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